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Most of the famous personalities require their security guards who will keep them safe on public platforms. While going in the city or any other public gatherings, people tend to become excited and some may come near to get a picture together. This might be dangerous for some people and for the same reason the guards are present in all the places with the businessmen, celebrities and other known people. These security guards are not selected randomly considering their fit body but they go through several heavy pieces of training which help them to gain skills and knowledge about the field. One of the most common is the Executive protection training. Many firms are dealing with training through their services. These are separate courses that have to be completed in order to attain the certificate and be deployed to the job. Also, the training given by the Pacific West Academy is well-known to all the people. They are considered to be providing the best training which matches the requirements for the job and helping them to gain knowledge and interest through the process.

What is the training about?

Most of the high-end jobs require training. Talking about the personal security work, there have to be many processes involved and the people who are enrolled for the course will, at the end of the duration, get the certification and will be mentally and physically fit for the job. The Executive protection training given in this academy will enable the students to be effective in any position in this field. The training comprises of:

    • 12-day comprehensive security training.
    • 33-day Certified Executive Specialist Program.

There are many reasons to choose this kind of program. The PWAare experts in providing

  • State of the art facilities.
  • Qualified instructors.
  • Accredited by ACCET and approved by CSAAVE.

Who can apply?

For this position, interest and confidence are required. Thus, those whoever has the confidence to go through all the rigorous training and are focussed on providing their full attention to keep the businessmen, celebrities safe can apply. The post will be open for all the year and people can enroll for the course at any time. The enrolling fee is free which is extremely beneficial to those who want to become personal security. After they join, they are given all the knowledge and are given the freedom to take up all the efforts to improve their skills. Those with a military background have an advantage as the skills and experience might be easily matching the conditions which are required for the training. To know more about the training, visit their website and learn more about the academy and how they provide the best security personnel to all the famous people.

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