Career Opportunities after Pursuing a Degree in Public Policy at JSGP

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Students who pursue public policy courses in India go on to work in consulting firms, international organizations and governments, non-profit organizations, serving public interest. These experts offer solutions to international challenges through economics, finance, quantitative analysis, management skills, etc. Whether you want to focus on your local community or the whole society, a career in Public Policy is suitable for those who want to bring about a change in the world.

The best way to make the most of your public policy degree is to take up a cause, which you’re enormously passionate about, and get an organization that shares the similar passion as you, to work for. Public Policy earlier used to be perceived as degrees taken up by mid-career bureaucrats. Though, more than ever before, the Indian government has been hiring people from outside civil service to assist carry forward India’s Governance via the challenges of the 21st century. The future generation of India’s policy makers, will have to steer the nexus between governance, politics, private sector and civil society, more than ever before.

Public Policy Careers Gaining Traction across the Globe


The impetus of public policy is receiving enormous traction across the world; governments are rapidly looking out for partnerships with public policy focused think tanks. In present times, private and non-profit organizations increasingly need more engagement with government regulators and therefore, there is a huge demand for professionals experienced in international affairs and public policy to take up these roles. Things have altered so much these days with everyone from large multinational companies to start-ups creating different public policy roles so that they can signify their interests and control government bylaws in their field.

What kinds of organizations can one find work with this degree?

A degree from a top public policy college in India like Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) is actually a gateway to a world of fantastic opportunities. Public policy graduates are global change agents in a varied range of fields. Alumni of JSGP continue to create a difference across the world – refining public policy, setting-up businesses and proceeding non-profit movements. They are also holding leadership positions in private and government organizations as well as driving research in a variety of fields.

Benefits of a Degree in Public Policy

Firstly, the flexible nature of public policy degree imparts skill to learn promptly and in-depth about several difficult topics, which are essential to work in any field. The skills you learning while pursuing public policy program help you in almost every profession.


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