Teaching: The Best Profession to Make Career in

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Teaching is regarded as the most authentic and respectable profession as compared to that of others. Imparting knowledge to the society as well as educating them for creating a better stand in the world, teaching is important. In this regard, many of the courses, diplomas and certification are running in the market where one can easily get knowledge and therefore make the society a literate one. Teaching as profession is full of enthusiasm and joy while imparting education to others. It requires good communication skill and key knowledge over a subject matter so that it can assist society in knowing better things and getting acknowledged to the advancement of world.

In this modern era, education is a very essential thing that should be imparted to last human on the earth. In professional life, there are number of opportunities for the job seekers who want to make a future in this profession; Assistant Professor, Teacher, Lecturer and many others. There are number of opportunities for the candidates to make career in teaching. Although, there are various vacancies both issued by government sector as well as private sector departments. In this regard, candidates can find a great focus in attracting jobs. There are competitive exams for the candidates who want to be in the government sector jobs. For this they need to prepare and qualify the exam and attain a better opportunity in teaching profile.


There are some of the list of Top Schools and colleges hiring Academicians in India

  1. Central Schools, also known as Kendriya Vidyalya with CBSE syllabus
  2. State Government/Municipality Schools
  3. Public and Private schools in your area under various state boards
  4. Universities approved by UGC (University Grants Commission)
  5. Technical Universities approved by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education)

There are many different types of teaching jobs available, from school counselor to special education teacher to preschool teacher. Teacher Certification Degrees provides detailed information on some of the most popular and in-demand education and teaching careers; see our teaching degree programs resource and review our guides to state requirements for beginning teacher certification as well as alternative route certification.

There are number of job opportunities in the teaching industry where candidates can easily make a great deal in grabbing opportunities and making a career worth. Many of the educational institutions like Colleges, Universities, schools and others. Various schemes and vacancies are held by the government in order to hire candidates and assist the people in imparting knowledge to the society. Most teachers work more than eight hours in a school day due to the time it takes to grade papers and homework, speak with parents, tutor students, and complete the administrative tasks required by schools. This additional work frequently extends to weekend hours as well, but since full-time teachers are usually paid a salary, there is no additional pay for overtime work. There are different job portals in India where candidates can easily apply for the teaching jobs in India. Also they choose the location preference like getting Jobs in Lucknow, Jobs in Delhi, Jobs in Varanasi and others.


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