Computer courses to aspire after 12th

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The time after the board exams is a long one before taking admission in any college. So in this time anyone can do some short term courses in Delhi to enhance their knowledge and also pass the time productively. There are so many courses available for the students who just passed their 12th. Some courses are listed here.

  1. C Programming language:

C Programming language is the base of any programming language. It is very popular among the students as well as the working professionals. It is all about perfect logic and application. In our future days, almost everyone has to know some computer language in this computer focused era. So this course is an element for the future growth.

  1. Web Programming:

Websites are so many important these days. We get to know everything from the internet and these are served by some websites only. So designing and making a website is very good for obtaining knowledge as well as earning some pocket money. So it is a course which became a hot cake in the list of effective computer courses after 12th.

short term courses in Delhi

  1. Database management:

Database management is the pillar of today’s world. All the data of anyone are kept securely in the digital database. And these databases need to be maintained regularly. The popular database management software is SQL which is a good option of course to do. It may bring some part time jobs also to the people for a side income.

  1. Computer Graphics and Animation:

Nowadays the world is crazy about computer graphics and animation. So many of these technologies are being used in movies also. So the course about computer graphics and animation is a very good option. And if you are already a creative person then it is an added benefit for you. There are so many short term courses in Delhi regarding this sector.

  1. Game designing:

The people who are really fond of playing computer games, this is the best option to do for them. It is the course which can amalgamate passion with profession for them. The different languages are used in designing a game. So you need to be clear about programming logic to do this.

  1. Digital marketing:

Online Digital marketing is a new cool in the sector of part time jobs. Digital marketing is all about your ability to handle online profiles and do some online marketing for a product. It is the art of bringing traffic to your product. These are really needed in the era of online shopping and also because of the dominance of virtual world.


This was a small list to do after the 12th and these are highly recommended course nowadays which will help to grow your future in a large extent. The computer courses after 12th are very popular for the students as it serves the purpose of learning as well as some sort of earning pocket money also. So it is a good option for the students.

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