Best Excel Courses In Singapore

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In this modern world, everyone must have basic computer hardware and software knowledge. Since all of the work is done on computers, people have to know how to handle some basic operations like typing, performing calculations, sending emails, etc.

The government is also making schools and the teachers working there introduce students to digital learning and methodologies. Therefore, a lot of children can now access computers and help their parents and teach them these operations. All these courses offered for students in the school are free in Government or aided schools.

The basic knowledge given to students is Microsoft word, PowerPoint and excel.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel is a document form of Microsoft Office, developed by Microsoft. It has an interface like a grid, with columns named in alphabetical order and rows in numerical order.

It allows you to perform calculations, creates tables, it has graphing tools, and other important functions. For instance, the mail merge function.

It is very easy to use and once you get to know it, you can perform any task on it very easily even complex calculations like the addition of data contained in multiple rows and columns simultaneously.

Best Excel Courses In Singapore

Why learning MS excel is necessary?

Though it might not be necessary for everyone, most of the people engaged in the corporate or institutional profession must have a brief knowledge of excel. This is for multiple reasons.

It helps to keep your data in order and maintain a clear record.

It allows you to perform large and difficult calculations with ease. You need to enter the data and use the functions available.

You can even send a mail with a similar body to different people with their specific name. This reduces the time of sending each mail personally. This is called mail merge.

Affordable Excel courses in Singapore.

Many private teachers and computer classes can help you with learning all the functions of Excel along with Word and PowerPoint.

·         A tutor that is well trained, highly qualified, and expert in the subject matter is an ideal teacher for you.

·         The computer classes must be well equipped and the system and software must be updated to the latest version.

·         The physical handouts must be provided and tests must be taken.

·         After completing your course you should be given a certificate as proof of completion.

A course that provides all of the above features is a reliable excel course Singapore.

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