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If we meditate on what Cost Engineering is, we would immediately relate it to a very wide universe of variables within the engineering exercise. Beyond the term “cost” of an input or a contract.

We are also interested in knowing the estimation techniques together with the scope, requirements, and technical specifications related to what is the essence of the contracting of works and services while continuing to aside the planning, programming, and control processes.

As part of this set of variables, we have designed this Building Estimator Course. We have covered cost estimation techniques, combining in turn the elements of experience, research, judgment, and decision-making that lead to highly reliable results.

During the course, the reality of the contracts and a large number of resources involved are analyzed. That must be integrated into a whole, a cost structure measurable under approved initial conditions. And based on a very specific scope of work, as well as the effective execution environment, where common sense, skills in multidisciplinary work, and attitudes will play a leading role that will lead us to success in our management as building cost estimators.

This course is best to:

Professionals involved in project management and multidisciplinary construction, maintenance engineers, cost estimators, and all those related to the direction and coordination of works and services contracts.

Building Estimator Course Online

General objective:

At the end of the Building Estimator Course, the participant will be able to apply the ideal techniques that allow him to make estimates of real and reliable costs, as a fundamental element of commercial offers related to works and services. As well as the tools necessary for subsequent control during the execution of the activities.

Specific objectives:

– Comprehensive understanding of the universal concept of what a project is and its development processes.

– Identify the elements related to cost estimation, considering the AACE International (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) standards.

– Analyse the different types of contracts applicable to works and services, as well as their associated advantages and risks.

– Study in detail the methodology of unit price analysis and the investment cost structure.

Methodology to apply:

The Course / Workshop is presented under the criterion of dynamic facilitator-participant interaction, in order to guide learning based on theoretical elements and practical applications.

A wide intervention of the participants is encouraged in order to generate value through the analysis of exercises solved jointly with the facilitator.

Working groups are created to solve real problems in terms of calculation, analysis, and interpretation of results.

Learning outcome:

– Students will be able to classify the number of various ingredients involved in the building project.

– Students can learn how to quantify and count all of your project designs data more easily and quickly.

– They will be able to achieve interactive exams of 3D models for cost estimation purposes of material.

– They can know how to create detailed and summaries quantity survey reports easily and quickly.

– Students learn how to generate quantities that are linked to particular objects.

– Also, they can interact, update, and compile with quantity-related project data.

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