Frequently Asked Question about the Life Experience Degree Programs

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Whenever something new or uncommon thing starts penetrating in the market, the masses start asking different questions about it. That is the same case with the Life Experience Degree Programs. The life experience degree program is not a new degree program however, it started getting the well-deserved fame recently. This is the only degree program which gives respect to your past achievements. The life experience degrees accredited the credit hours on the basis of your past performance in the particular field in which you want to get a degree. That is why people are getting interested in this field and now asking different questions related to it.

That is why in this article I am going to answer all those people who have any questions in your mind regarding this degree program.

What Qualifies as Life Experience?

The biggest confusion among the people related to the life experience degree program is the structure of credit hours accreditation. People always ask that what qualifies as the life experience under the policies of credit hours accreditation. The answer is any prior job experience in any field. Your previous educational achievements, any sponsored training and workshops or anything related to your past achievements in the field of your interest

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Who is eligible to get this degree?

People also ask questions about the eligibility criteria of this degree program. They seem to be confused that they also need some sort of grads in the previous academic education just like any other degree program. However, the truth is that you only need skills to be the part of this program. With the years of experience, skills, knowledge and expertise in the area in which you are going to take this degree program. Students from all over the world and related to all the listed majors of every university that provide life experience degree programs are eligible to get this degree.

What is the acceptance rate of Life Experience Degrees?

The companies all over the world know this fact that a workforce which works for the hours on a daily basis cannot get started studying for any degree program. They cannot attend the university and college classes and can write long essays and assignments for them. That is why they need a degree program which they can get on the basis of what they already know. In an area in which they have the expertise already but cannot have any proof of their skills. For those, the life experience degree program is a hope which can give them a degree based on their skills. The companies and the firms are aware of that fact that is why they accept the life experience degrees at the high rate.

What are the criteria of accreditation?

The criteria of the accreditation vary from college to college. Some colleges only ask for all your prior achievements and the proof of your experience in the field in which you want to get the degree. Some colleges also want the students to participate in the challenge exam in which their skills will be tested. However, they also count the achievements and experience, but if the applicant fails to provide enough evidence, then he or she must have to appear in the challenge exam.

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