How Important Is Education For Everyone In This New Era?

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While going to your place of work or returning from there, while going to a party, while walking in the park in beautiful evenings and while jogging with the dawn at hand, you get to see so many new faces and so many people, but how many times do you stumble upon people with special needs? People who are different than most of us and yet the same, but no matter what should get the education that they deserve, that is equal to ours. Very few academies and schools cater to such requirements and there are even fewer special needs academy Cheshire.

Everywhere we listen about how the world is growing, evolving and is in dire need of technology to grow at the pace to sustain the population that we have, but the human resources that we already have aren’t really capable enough to ensure our betterment as a race. We often hear the roaring voices stating how humanity is dead and we need to restore it in order to be alive and sustainable. But with all the theories in place, can we really grow and evolve when some of us are being left behind due to the mistakes that weren’t theirs? Can we really flourish as a species when some of us are left to rot due to some small or big disability that we home?

Be it The Russett Learning Trust, or Nantwich Primary Academy or The Fermain Academy or Adelaide School, the special needs academies in Cheshire can be counted on fingers but unlike most cities and countries over the world who have not paid any attention to the education of normal kids, let alone the different kids, at least Cheshire respects and values the education for all, motto.


When such topics of education for all, and importance of academics come into the limelight, seldom does anyone talk about any disability – be it physical, neurological, or psychological. The schools have no idea of the reaction that they should be giving on receiving a letter about an issue with the kid. Instead of supporting the kid and maybe finding a better school, the authorities prefer to just send the kid out of the school with some or other excuse. But how do we then ensure that education should be imparted to such kids? More importantly, what kind of education are we imparting if the authorities themselves do not understand the dos and don’ts of humanity?

While we are blessed to have schools of this kind in some places across the globe like special needs academies in Cheshire what are we doing about the rest of the world? And how is the level of education being challenged? How are the actual issues being raised and resolved? And if they aren’t, the question remains intact. Is education really important for all? If yes, what kind, and how? If not, why bother imparting it to anyone at all?

Leaving you to ponder on it.

Keep evolving, keep smiling!


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