How to Get Prepared for AIPMT (Now NEET-UG)

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AIPMT (The All India Pre-Medical test/ Pre-Dental Entrance Test) has been replaced by NEET-UG (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test). The exam is taken for the selection and admission of the eligible candidates to various medical and dental programs (such as MBBS and BDS) in India. The particular exam is based on three subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and it is very important to start the preparation of every subject from the very basics. According to most of the students, NEET is one of the toughest examinations and only serious and thorough preparation can bring you success in this exam. Please go through the following tips to get a better idea about the blueprint of your preparation:


  • First get familiar with the syllabus: The first step for any exam is to get familiar with its syllabus as it will help to clarify the topics from which a student can expect his/her exam questions. The officially prescribed syllabus is easily available online.
  • Set your time-table: Different students are comfortable with different time tables. So, set your own time table as per your comfort. Basically, morning is the best time for study as in morning; we wake up from sleep with an active body and mind (for work). Cut your whole day time table in medium time tables and take intervals in between. You can relax your brain by listening soft music, reading inspirational books or walking along your home garden.
  • Good Books and Study Materials: Every preparation should start with a range of good books. Ask your teachers for the best books of NEET-UG preparation and learn your basics with a thorough study of each and every concept. Today’s era is more internet-friendly, so you can order NEET-UG study materials from different websites if you want.
  • Enroll for NEET-UG preparation programs: Various websites are now available with NEET-UG preparation packages. There are also a number of prestigious coaching institutions, where a range of learned faculties provide a full-structured and precise preparation packages with lots of other facilities. You can enroll yourself either online or offline coaching as per your comfort.
  • Clear your basics: If you want to appear in the exam with a solid preparation, then you should clear your basics first. All three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are equally important. So, as per the syllabus, start learning each and every concept with thorough understanding.
  • Start solving previous year question papers: After making a strong basic foundation, it’s time to start of solving previous year question papers in a specified time. You can easily download the aipmt previous year question papers with solutions from different websites. Previous year question papers will help you in understanding the exam pattern, question weightage, and types of questions asked.
  • Find out your weak areas: Sometimes it may happen that students are very strong in one concept and weak in other. So, you have to find out your weak parts and try to focus on them clearing all your doubts. Most of the coaching classes arrange doubt clearing seasons for the students.
  • Appear to the mock test: Exam is about to knock. Now it’s time to appear for the mock tests. Many students give mock tests after clearing one concept and so on and some of them appear before the exam. It’s completely up to you. But, Mock tests are essential in order to get the exam flavor.

You should maintain your health during the exam preparation and exam time. Take care of your diet before the exam. A range of the best books, timely solving aipmt previous year question papers, and appearance in a number of mock tests will make a strong foundation for the next year NEET-UG.

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