Preparing for the tough NID exam

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There are many candidates who may be eager to join the NID. But to ensure getting success in the entrance exam, they have to prepare well in advance, so that they can appear the exam boldly. There are few mistakes that that the candidate is to know and to avoid them, so as to achieve sure success.

Top mistakes to avoid

  • Good at drawing means good to go: This could probably be true, only if the NIX exams stop testing 3D material handling / model making skills, visual/audio skills and conceptualization skills. Also is present a psychological test along with psychometric/thematic test. Sketching test is where good drawing skills can be put to use. Hence, only drawing skills will not be sufficient for preparing NID.
  • All crafts to be used in the exam are ready, means good to go: Even though it is of great help, the answer can be termed to be ‘no’. This test is likely to challenge the skill present in the particular craft along with visualization, imagination and observation. Moreover, the test can be stated to be a mental process like it is physical.


  • Creativity – Present or absent: It is considered to be a crucial part of the exam. It is possible to court creativity through nid studio test coaching. The candidate instead of feeling afraid, should experiment with new things all the time.
  • Have good G.K. knowledge: There is indeed plenty of knowledge and IQ to be derive from such books. However, it is not exactly where knowledge collecting terminates. There are various places outside the home where learning is possible including training the observational skills. The designs are to be treated as if it a favorite celebrity. Everything related to it is to be found out and the candidate is to be updated with all things new.
  • Speed is not an issue: The fact is one cannot expect the proctors to be waiting throughout the day for the work to be finished. There is a time limit for each and every test to be taken. Hence, it will be wise to work under time pressure.
  • Practicing: It will be useful to practice on A4 size paper. Generally, it is the standard size that answer sheets are provided for NID examination. The candidate needs to get used to writing answers on this paper size as it will help develop space maximization.
  • Mock tests are useless, since it will not have questions of this year: Even though this year’s questions will not be present, answering the mock tests will definitely help the candidate to be better prepared. The candidate needs to give the mock test keeping in mind the time frame given. Since it is a tough paper with less time, the candidate can better prepare for the real exam the correct way and also increase in confidence with each mock test given.

In short, the candidate can do much better by taking proper coaching for nid in Delhi from the reputed institutes located here.

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