Private Swimming Class: Teach Your Children How To Swim

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Swimming is one of the most challenging sports. Many swimmers are wishing to become professional swimmers and join tournaments in their region. But, not all swimmers have the chance to become a representative of their region for an upcoming Olympics. Becoming a representative required skills, training, and dedication. If you find out that your kid has swimming skills, why not enroll your child in a swimming lesson?

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Learning the basics of swimming skills

The certified swimming instructors in JustSwim will teach the basics of swimming for beginners. Here are the five basic swimming skills to learn:

  1. Breathing. It is frequently an overlooked basic swimming skill. But, it is an essential one. If you are not comfortable breathing while swimming, you will not enjoy it completely and learn new things. It is a basic idea to learn to breathe out with both your mouth and nose when the head is underwater. When lifting the head to the side, take a full breath before facing back down.

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  1. Floating. Before kicking and stroking, you must first learn to float on the water. Floating helps you use the habit of moving through water properly. It keeps the body on the surface of the water. The body will experience a vertical buoyant force if immersed in water. Floating helps keep the body in a horizontal position. It is important to learn how to float because if you accidentally fall on the water, you will float on the surface until you are rescued.
  2. Body movement. When swimming, the body movement must be well-coordinated. All the body parts must be coordinated with each other. It moves the muscles of the hips, abdomen, and lower back in a synchronized way in keeping moving forward. First, the hands must move and cut through the water followed by the elbow, and the body must make way through the water.
  3. Kicking. It is another essential skill to learn when you want to master swimming. Kicking helps the body move forward. A lot of swimming coaches use kickboards to support the body of the swimmer.
  4. Strokes. Now, you know how to kick and float. Next, you need to learn some strokes. It is the arm movements helping to pull the body on the water. Some most common basic swimming strokes are:
    1. Front crawl
    2. Sidestroke
    3. Backstroke
    4. Butterfly

The basic strokes may not be easy to learn if you learn them by yourself. You need the assistance of a swimming instructor to perform them. Click here to know more.

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