The Importance Why Children Should Learn How To Type Correctly

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When kids start to show an interest in learning how to use the computer, it is important that you start honing their skills on typing. The modern technology can help children strengthen their literacy skills and also help them deal with learning difficulties and get the chance to enhance their performance as they reach their elementary and high school years.

It is proven that typing can hone writing skills this is why there are sites like KIDSTYPING that have games and tutorials that can easily help children learn the basics of typing, the easy way. When you are looking for the best typing game list, Kidstyping has the best for toddlers and school-aged kids. They have different categories and game levels that would be perfect for your kids’ typing abilities and learning speed.

When Should Children Learn How To Type?

Children today are overly exposed to keyboards even at an early age and the younger they are, the easier it is to teach them how to learn the proper way to type correctly. It is considered appropriate for kids to learn how to type as long as their hands are already big enough to comfortably fit on a standard keyboard. This also coincides with the period where they are already learning how to read and write at school.

Dance Mat

The Dance Mat Typing 

Dance Mat Typing is one of the most popular typing training program game according to Kidstyping that mothers are looking for so their kids would learn how to touch-type. This game has 12 different stages and three levels of difficulty. The characters are attractive for children of all ages and it has the most challenging obstacles that can develop your child’s typing skills. There will be techniques like the correct positioning throughout the game and it will then progress to a much difficult task. Once you pass a stage, parents can print a certification as a reward for their child.

  • Dancing Mat Typing Level 1. The stage teaches the child about finger positioning for the home row keys and as the stage builds, more lessons are learned. By the end of this level, the child will be able to use the correct finger when using the keyboard for home row keys.
  • Dancing Mat Typing Level 2. This stage will teach the child how to correctly type the letters “e” and “l” using the correct fingers on the keyboard.
  • Dancing Mat Typing Level 3. This stage teaches the child how to use the pointer finger or the index finger on his left hand to type the letter “r”, and the pointer finger or the index finger on the right should type the letter “u”.

When the child starts to use touch-typing, they are also using their muscle memory in order to manipulate the keyboard. As the child learns the basics of finger and hand positioning when using the keyboard, this will prepare them for later grades when the computer will be frequently used for their homework and activities that are expected to be more complicated.

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