The Perfect Graduation Gifts for Your Child

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There are only two graduations that really matter to a parent – high school and college. These are the two occasions that you want to congratulate your child with a really great gift. Finding the perfect one takes careful consideration and will be based on their interests and needs. The following is quick list of ideas that may help you to decide which gifts are the most suitable for your new graduate.

A Brand New Laptop

Whether your student just graduated from high school or college, a new laptop is a great gift. This will come in handy for studying in college or doing work in the real world. The computer you buy them should have a fast processor and plenty for memory RAM to handle multiple open programs. Don’t forget to ensure the hard drive space is large enough to hold lots of software, documents and files.

Upgrade their Smartphone

Digital gadgets are all the wave among young adults and teens. Make sure you can stay connected with them by offering an up-to-date model of their favorite model. You can find deals online for iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, LGs and so on. You can increase the memory of their phone by including a memory chip with it. This will come in handy for taking photos and downloading apps and documents.

A Used Car

Your kid will need to a way to get back and forth to college or work, so why not invest in a quality used car? This is great for a number of reasons. For one, it will ensure they are able to get back and forth from wherever they’re going. Just make sure you put them under your insurance until they can afford their own. Investing in security features, like burglar alarms is also essential, especially if there isn’t a garage.

Buy a Customized Graduation Ring

Jewelry is loved by everyone, so why not make a special piece of jewelry your child can cherish forever? This can be a ring, necklace or a bracelet. You can find beautiful pieces at places like Kay Jewelers. There many different selections to choose from, so finding something your child will like shouldn’t be too difficult. If you go with the ring, you can have it modified with the correct graduation year, colors and names.

A Trip Abroad

Expand your child’s horizons by buying them a ticket to a culturally-rich destination. This can be a country in Europe, South America, Africa or Asia. It’s a good idea to have someone travel with them just in case. Before you send them packing, make sure they have travelers insurance to cover them in case something happens while they’re away. American plans don’t normally cover international trips, so travelers insurance is essential.

Graduation is a big deal for every family. Make sure you give your child something memorable that will show you care and provides them a way to continue moving forward. You can use the above tips to help inspire your ideas for graduation gifts.


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