What are the Strategies followed by IAS toppers to Crack UPSC Exams?

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The competition for UPSC communication keeps cropping annually thanks to a rise within the variety of candidates. However, acing the UPSC communication in a very single try is difficult for several candidates. Therefore, during this post, we’ve collated some vital methods hunted person by most of the IAS Toppers. 

Important methods by IAS toppers 

1. Revision is that the bulk: the foremost vital a part of UPSC exam preparation is that the revision. Aspirants of civil services should make sure that they put aside a while to revise their learning.

2. Test-based approach: this strategy needs the candidates to check their data and preparation level not sporadically however frequently. Candidates should frequently take free mock tests accessible on-line to analyse and improve. Taking mocks also will facilitate them in rewriting the total programme.

UPSC exam

3. Time is prime: Keeping track of your time throughout exams is crucial. correct allotment of your time to every section that’s the strength space is important. Therefore, avoid giving over one minute to any question. Move to future question instead of obtaining cursed with a selected question. to urge a hold of this, follow a lot of previous year papers and mock tests beneath time constraints.

4. No least vital is speed & Accuracy: upholding the speed and accuracy whereas finding the paper is additionally essential. Bear in mind that there’s a separate cut-off for GS Paper-I and in GS Paper-II minimum qualifying marks of thirty third. Also, the burden of losing 1/3rd marks for incorrect answers. Amidst all this, the core job is to easily maximize score while not property go the hold over speed and accuracy.

5. Being Consistent: Be in step with your preparation. no matter you are doing or not do, follow that daily. If you have got set to review seven hours each day, then persist with that and complete the hours. Consistent performance can invariably yield sensible results.

6. Answer writing practice: there’s no magic wand which will amendment your answer literary genre nightlong and UPSC communication is all concerning writing sensible answers. so it’s vital to religiously follow writing sensible quality answers before showing for the ultimate face-off.

7. Trustworthy resources for learning: All IAS toppers counsel that referring authentic study material is imperative to clear UPSC communication. because the communication is conducted by a government body, looking forward to government sources like Yojana Magazine, Pib web site, AIR News analysis, ARC report, Publication Division Books, Economic Survey, commission Document, and annual reports of varied ministries are going to be abundant facilitate.

8. Self-notes build self-sufficient: instead of bearing on different study materials IAS toppers recommendation aspirants to create their own notes. As and whereas they cowl any topic, writing gist or bullet purpose of all that’s browse is nice practice. Getting ready own notes for all the themes not solely helps within the revision however additionally boost the boldness level.

At the smallest amount, keep calm and don’t enable stress to require over. Bear these essential methods in mind and follow them religiously and be future IAS topper of the UPSC communication. For a lot of info associated with IAS communication you’ll be able to visit BYJU’S web site and you furthermore mght have access to few materials for complimentary.


With this, we have a tendency to want you sensible luck for the exam!

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