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If you are a maths student, you have definitely been in this situation. You try your best throughout the day to keep up with the progress of your class as your tutor tries their best to explain a very difficult and complex maths problem. But try as you might, you can’t help but fall behind, it doesn’t seem to make sense to you and you don’t know what to do about it! You end up just sitting there in silence as everyone around you seems to get it easily. And then the teacher says that you have a piece of homework in the next week, that you will have to utilise what you have learned today to complete. You completely forgot! How are you possible going to be able to do this? You can’t use a process that you couldn’t get your head around when you were taught it, and class is dismissed now, so there is no way you can voice your trouble to the class or to your teacher after lesson. Reaching your wits end? Wondering what you can do, in order to get this homework done fast? Well don’t worry, we’ve got answers for you!


Help and support!

What is one of the best things you can do when faced with this issue of maths confusion? Call your friends together! Or if they are busy, get yourself home to your parents. Once you’ve got a few people assembled (make sure you tell them you will have to borrow them for a bit), introduce the maths problem to them and let them know you’re having real trouble with it. Once they can see what exactly the problem is that you are trying to solve, they will start to talk about it amongst themselves. Get involved in the conversations and try and help and dictate where you can. Why is this a good method of helping you solve your problem? Because though maths problems often have one answer, the way you reach that answer is different for everyone, therefore two heads are really better than one! One person that you show the problem to might just be that person who sees the answer in very simple terms. They would then be able to dictate to you what the answer is, and your both then a bit wiser and you’ve come away with the answer! Or on the other hand, if this doesn’t work, or no one can spare the time, get yourself online. Visit the site PaperLeaf.ca and you’ll be greeted by a nice, calming screen where you can input exactly what you are having trouble with. Then you just click the button at the bottom after you have done that. What has happened? Well your request has been logged with them, and they are busy finding the perfect person to help you out. Once they have found someone they will let you know, and you can converse with them. As soon as you are able to do this, lay out to your new helper exactly what the issue is and let them know that you need to get the piece of homework in soon. They will help you through the stages of answering the problem in a way that you can understand, after all they are experts! After they have done that , you pay them an ample amount  for their hard work, and you get to walk away, with fully completed homework, but also a better understanding of where you went wrong. You won’t make the same mistake again that’s for sure! You can find more about math online help at their website, and what exactly you need to do to get started with them. But either of these methods are great! Just make sure you pick the one that is going to be more helpful for you.

Nobody ever said maths was going to be easy, it’s gruelling, horrible and often complex and not easily understood. This means students all over the world often get hung up on certain problems and equations. But don’t worry, as long as you employ one of these methods of help, you’ll find that these issues just melt away, and you’re able to hand in that homework, all done, and on time!

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