Why Are The Number Of Uni Applications Dropping?

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After school and college-level studies, most students prefer getting admission into a renowned and high-ranking university for pursuing higher education and attain specialization in their field. There are countless universities offering different types of courses and degrees so that prospective candidates may look forward to a brighter future ahead. As per the latest education news, a considerable decline in the university applications has been witnessed in the last few years. It is quite astonishing to know that university applications are dropping drastically even when new courses are being introduced for a better professional career ahead. Of course, people relevant to the education field and others, in general, are curious to know about the major reasons for this decline. Let us try to explore the key reasons for this drop-down in university applications.

Financial Reasons

University education has always been a matter of great concern for those who lack adequate financial resources to pay a higher fee charged by most of the universities for various courses or degree programs. Since a large section of the students are unable to afford to pay the handsome amount of university fee therefore they are hesitant to apply to the university courses or degrees. They may opt for other professional courses or skills in order to earn their livelihood rather than going for higher education.

Early Employment by College Students

The numbers of mature students that were otherwise opting for higher education in the universities has also witnessed a downfall in the last few years. It is because students prefer opting for some job or another source of employment right after attainment of their degrees at the college level. They wish to start earning as soon as they pass out of college. This, in turn, results in a drop-down of university applications.

Uni Applications

Strict Scoring Criteria for Admittance

In most of the universities, students are admitted into various courses or degree programs based on their scores in the college degree and also the entrance tests conducted by the universities. Due to tough competition at all levels of education, only a few students are able to fulfil this criterion and hence take admission into the universities. Again it has a great impact on the numbers of candidates applying for various universities available around.

Lack of Adequate Courses with Some Universities

One more important reason for the dropping off the university applications is the lack of adequate and requisite courses with some universities. Contrary to the latest trends, some universities are still continuing with their traditional courses or degree programs that no longer appeal to the candidates. Hence candidates feel reluctant to apply to such universities.

Due to all these reasons and perhaps some others as well in the list, university applications have witnessed a downward trend for quite some time.

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