Common Problems With Playground Equipment

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When you are in charge of a playground, the last thing that you want to do is have to fix lots of problems. However, it is important to know the warning signs when things start to go wrong with the equipment.

Rusty Slides

Slides need to be kept in top working condition so that people can continue to use them for as long as possible. You will be able to spot any rust because of the discolouration that occurs. The rust needs to be treated and removed so that the slide will be returned to its former glory. Rust can slow people down as they are trying to slide because it creates a lot of friction.

The most effective way to prevent rust from occurring is to keep the slide as dry as possible. A canopy is difficult to construct over the slide, so the best method is to wipe it down after each rainstorm. The slide will remain dry and you can keep it is the top condition. School playground equipment is not difficult to maintain.


Broken Swing Seats

People love to go on the swings and they get a lot of wear and tear. The seats can become broken if lots of people are sitting on them or they are bouncing up and down. The broken seats need to be replaced as soon as possible because people might fall off and injure themselves. A new seat will make the swing as strong as possible.

Compare different swing seats before making the final decision.

Cracked Tarmac

The tarmac needs to be smooth in order for people to play safely. Have the playground resurfaced on a regular basis so that the ground is completely level. Hot weather can cause concrete to split apart and rain can cause it to erode. Keep an eye on the quality of the tarmac and fix small and large issues as soon as they appear.

Broken Roundabout

Roundabouts can become broken if the seats start to crack or the railings become bent out of shape. The seats need to be replaced if this is the case, and the railings can be repaired so that they are totally upright again.

Broken Rocking Horse

Small children like being rocked on horses that are attached to the ground by a spring. The school playground equipment should be kept in good condition for the rides to work properly. The spring can sometimes become broken by the force of children rocking backwards and forwards. If this happens, then the entire spring needs to be replaced. As the spring gets older it could begin to rust. The rust can be removed and the spring can then be treated with specialist chemicals to ensure that no rust occurs.

Maintaining a playground takes a lot of patience because things can go wrong at any time and the problem might not be very easy to fix. Deal with problems as soon as they occur, even if you think that it is nothing major.

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