Dubai Image Consultant Training Offers a Valuable Education

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One thing that every up-and-coming image consultant wants is to learn skills that will give the edge over others in the same position. Although all that is required to qualify as an image consultant is a short training course, the depth of knowledge and the skills developed play a large role in how effective any image consultant will be.

Image consultant training in Dubai adds an even greater quality to any training session, of any length. Sterling Style Academy offers an intensive 1-day basic makeup workshop in addition to their Level 1 and Level II 5-day courses in Dubai image consultant training. Makeup application is one of the essentials for helping clients project the image they want to achieve.

What You Can Get in an Intensive 1-Day Makeup Workshop

You can learn the fundamental essentials of applying makeup to add the finishing touch to the image you create for a client. In addition to application procedures, you can also learn the latest trends in cosmetics and what is newly available in skin care and beauty products. You will also learn proper hygiene procedures and skin care. A makeup workshop will make the perfect addition to your image consulting training.


What You Can Learn from Image Consultant Training

If you want to be an image consultant, you probably already know that the job involves picking out clothes and accessories for clients and helping them with makeup and hair choices. But how do you know which choices are right for the individual?

These decisions are not based on random ideas or instinct on the part of the image consultant. They are well-thought out. The image consultant will learn to look at an individual’s coloring, their body type, style preferences, and the image that they want to project.

You may be surprised at how differently you begin to look at people and the clothes available to them. The same choices you would make now are likely to change once you gain a more professional perspective. Everything about what a person does, what they wear, how they fix their hair, and how they speak, will project a message to the observer. Your job as an image consultant is to help them project the message that they want others to see and hear.

Your training will take your flair for fashion and your friendly personality to a more professional level. You will develop skills that you can use to help your clients achieve the image they want and make your career a more successful one.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a fashion capital that attracts people in every facet of the fashion industry. Dubai image consultant training will provide you valuable fashion industry insight and help you develop a global image to appeal to a broader diversity of clients. The role of the image consultant has expanded from providing services to celebrities and top CEOs to those people in everyday life who simply want to project a better appearance. Your success as an image consultant will depend on your ability to provide effective advice to clients from all over the world and who are from all walks of life.

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