Tips To Help You Find The Best Boarding School

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When looking for boarding school, you only need the best for your teenage boy or teenager. You need to protect your children from the harmful effects of government-funded schools and provide your second students with an academic experience that increases their chances of advancement. So when you need a boarding school, you usually have to put your kids or child in one of the best boarding school. However, to have a chance to decide which school your children should go to, a better understanding of boarding school is when you have no clue.

What is a boarding school?

A boarding school is a school that offers an entirely different program for different schools for its second degree. In a school, in reality, the secondary studies usually live in the school, unless the school has elective projects that allow this. Boarding schools can accompany past purposes such as religion, tormented youth, elementary education, face-to-face one-to-one tuition, school planning, military schools, etc.

The particular choices a school offers are open, fluctuating, and changing between schools. These are full-time courses, second studies week after week, and day after day.

All boarding schools give second degrees the option to live in them. However, some schools offer choices for families who do not want to be separated but who do not want to be consistently rejected by the schools. The second occupation joined in week after week and stayed at boarding school only on non-weekend days and benefited from home at the end of the week. In contrast, day in and day out, second occupations only went to one school during the day so that the classes would come back at that time and would generally get the end of the week off.

Best Boarding School

Where could you find the best boarding school near you or around the world for your children or teenagers?

Top boarding postings can be found everywhere; some great places to see are;

o Online – The web has various top boarding school bookings and audits, is easily accessible, and has more data than you need. You can search through the schools for exactly the highlights you need, rather than going through all of the junk you don’t have to deal with.

o Friends and Family – Friends and family who have gone to school or have children or accompanying children going to school can tell you everything they think about the nearby schools and discover or get in touch with them.

o Local Schools – Local schools usually have almost any option in your general area for exceptional needs. In case they don’t gradually submit the rundowns, they know where to find them.

It is a decent open door for young men and young women in boarding schools to develop faster than at home with staff and human resources. Findings show that young women who live in boarding schools generally become more experienced, more reliable, more social, more intuitive, and more independent than young women who stay with their parents.


Shopping guide for playgrounds

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A playground is a public or private facility consisting of a delimited area and a series of game elements, aimed at children and minors.

In terms of playgrounds and child safety, the game elements are known as the set of devices (swings, seesaws, slides, etc.) made available to children for their fun in a playground.

What regulations should playgrounds meet?

playground surfaces are one of the recreational spaces where children spend more time, so the safety of their game elements is essential to avoid accidents.

The information regarding the rules, advice or recommendations for the use of playgrounds is collected in the following link.

playground surfaces

How to choose the game elements for my playground?

Considering the wide variety of types and models of game elements for children’s playgrounds, choosing something durable, affordable, safe and fun can take a lot of time. So we facilitate the decision, indicating some of the points you have to take into account to make the decision.

The material

  • The type of materials is very important to make a decision, as it will vary according to the aesthetic that interests us or the maintenance requirements.
  • The materials used for the manufacture of the different elements of playgrounds are metal, wood and plastic.
  • . Part 1: General safety requirements and test methods, includes in the section “safety requirements” the materials that can be used for the construction of game equipment that are: wood, metals and synthetic materials. Although this rule does not go too deep.
  • Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.


There are several types of wood that are used to make swings and other elements of outdoor games. These include redwood, red cedar, yellow cedar, northern white cedar, pressure treated pine, etc. Here are briefly the characteristics of each of them:

    • The wood is redwood and is ideal for game elements, since it is less likely to rot or attract insects. However, the low range redwood has more knots which can weaken it.
    • Cedar wood is resistant to putrefaction, although its lack of density can cause bolts and bolts to loosen more frequently.
    • Pine wood is the cheapest but it is also the softest and least resistant.
    • Water-repellent and pressure-treated wood is the best choice for wooden game elements.
    • Swings, slides or wooden seesaws are more ecological and are more in line with the nature of the garden or the green area where it will be located. That is, they fit more harmoniously with the countryside.
    • In addition, wood is a very durable and durable material for outdoor play elements and supports a lot of weight.
    • However, it has the counterpoint that it is usually the most expensive material and, if it does not have the proper care and maintenance, it can have cracks and chips.
  • On the other hand, wood is a living entity and behaves, in many cases, expanding or reducing the cracks of the same. In this sense, humid and cold climates can have negative effects for wood. In any case, the wooden game elements need periodic maintenance.

What Makes Law an Honorable Profession?

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Law has been one of the most famous career choices in India for a long time. People with family backgrounds into the law profession for generations generally choose to study law too. Nevertheless, to become a successful lawyer it is not necessary to have a family background in this profession neither is it required that you belong to a rich family. Anyone can study law, if he/she has the obsession for it.

Conventionally, students could specialize in only criminal or civil laws. However, this notion has changed now and today students can choose to specialize in any of the diverse options available like corporate laws, patent laws, etc. A law degree from one of the top 10 law schools in India not only allow you to practice as an advocate in the court rooms but also opens up several career options in sectors such as legal services, corporate management and administrative services.


Students, who want to make a career in law can, pursue a three-year degree in law either after completing graduation in any discipline or can pursue 5 years’ degree after completing 12th class. The LLB program in India is regulated by the Bar Council of India, which forms rules and regulations related to legal practice in the country. Any specialization in law is done at post graduation or doctorate stage.

Is the Law Right Career for Me?


Law is a career, which needs lot of logical skills and patience. It takes lots of hard work and commitment on the part of students to become a successful lawyer. First generation lawyers face several problems in their law profession as is right for every other profession. It turns out to be easier if one gets training under a Senior Lawyer in the start of their career. This is not to say that novices cannot make it on their own, as anything is achievable with determination and hard work. Good communication skills, critical analysis and articulation are pre-requisites for lawyers. So, one should examine these points before choosing law as a career.

Job Prospects

There is a plethora of job opportunities for a law graduate from one of the top 10 law colleges in India. Law graduates can either practice as a lawyer in a court or work with companies as a legal advisor. By passing examinations conducted by Public Service Commissions, a law graduates can also become a judge. After obtaining some experience as a lawyer, a law graduate can also become a Public Prosecutor, a Solicitor General, or offer services to ministries or government departments. You can also take a job as a legal advisor for organizations.


Spending time in school playgrounds is a healthy option!

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If you have gone through a lot of studies in the past, you must have read about the importance of playgrounds in schools. You must have also known how important a role these played in the life of students. In case you don’t have the knowledge, this article is going to throw some light on the importance of playgrounds in schools and how playgrounds can make better and healthier kids. We also take a look at the benefits of playground equipment for schools that make them so unique and lovable.

The following are few reasons why every school must have a well-developed playground in their campus.

  • Better health and fitness

The presence of playgrounds in schools makes children to go and spend time in them. In today’s world, children are spending most of their time on computers and smartphones playing online games. This is never a healthy practice. Kids need to spend time on playground equipment for schools so that they don’t become obese due to excessive accumulation of fat inside their bodies. Playing helps to burn the extra calories and when there is a nice playground to play on, kids spend lots of extra calories enjoying with friends. So, the health aspects of playing can easily be understood.

Spending time in school playgrounds

  • Exposure to sunlight

Staying indoors is good but doing that for longer periods of time can lead to vitamin D deficiencies. This could affect the overall growth in children. In a playground, a child is exposed to optimum amount of sunlight each day which addresses the problem of vitamin D deficiency in him/her. This way your child will stay fit as well as enjoy his/her time on the playground. Since not all vitamin deficiencies can be addressed well by supplements, playing in the sun has a very good effect on the health of children in their growing stages.

  • Variety as a learning booster

Children often fall prey to boredom and monotony when spending a lot of time indoors. This affects their brain development and reduces their potential in a lot of areas. No matter how bright your kid is, he/she won’t be able to make the best of his/her talent if there is variety missing in their lives.

A good playground takes care of the variety that kids see in front of their eyes. This boosts their mental strength and other skills which turns out to be very helpful for them as they grow into adults


Necessity of kid’s playground equipment

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These days, the technological advancements made the children to spend their lots and lots of time in front of the television and internet. Playing the games over the internet gives them the fantastic chance of entertaining themselves. Even though this is a good thing for the parents to control their kids, it becomes a massive threat to their health condition. Yes, spending too much of time with the TV and internet cause a lot of issues in eyes and some other health problems. Being the parent to the child, it is better to bring in some outdoor playing equipment to your kids for making them to be happy and fit always. In most of the cases, children play in their school with their friends. So, if you are running a playschool or any other else for kids, school playground equipment is so necessary to buy.

Why do kids need the playground equipment?

Apart from the academics, kids need some physical strength to keep up with their daily work routines. Most of the parents have a clear idea about it and so they like to let their kids to indulge in such activities like chess, carom, shuttle and more. Therefore, they look forward to the place or school where these kinds of the activities are offered.

school playground equipment 3

It is an obvious thing that kids can develop their strength and stamina by engaging in the extracurricular activities. For this purpose, the parents strive towards the school playground equipment to make their kids to be happy.

Installing some playground equipment in your home or commercial places can attract the kids and customers. It becomes the fantastic trick for attracting the customers towards your business too. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking forward to install the play structure in your home, then it is better to go with the shops. Today, the online shops are offering you such entertaining products and therefore, you can simply make your purchase as you want. Of course, costs of the products are also effective and therefore, it is possible to make your purchase within your budget. You can get more details about it by searching online.



Dance Highlights Tragedy at primary school

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What does the Hillsborough disaster in England on April 15 1989 and Berwick Lodge Primary School in Australia on September 18 2017 have in common?

The answer is Wakakirri – an Australian national story-dance festival for primary and secondary school students – held this year at Hamer Hall in Melbourne.

Every year, the Wakakirri festival inspires and motivates hundreds of schools to tell – or retell – great stories in the form of dance. From fairy tales to swashbuckling adventures, Wakakirri has it all.

This year, Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Performing Arts teacher, Mrs Lorraine Montgomery decided – in consultation with her Grade 5/6 student dance committee (and colleague Ms Jacqui Quelch) – to choreograph a story-dance about an event that transpired long before most of the team were born – that of the infamous 1989 FA Cup semi-final game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

The Hillsborough disaster – as it is known – resulted in 96 fatalities and 766 injuries. Fans were crushed to death due to overcrowding in the Hillsborough football stadium and eventually – after a lengthy trial – the courts determined that the victims were unlawfully killed. Mrs Montgomery, a wife and mother of two eager soccer fans herself, wanted to tell the story in memory of the ninety-six perished souls.


“After watching a documentary about the disaster at home, and the disgusting way the innocent fans were blamed and labelled as hooligan drunks by the tabloids and authorities, I felt passionate about promoting the truth about what happened.”

After learning about the tragic events surrounding the disaster, the school students felt equally passionate about promoting the truth and worked hard for months rehearsing and building props in preparation for their emotionally charged Wakakirri dance at Frankston Arts Centre on August 24. It was a story they were ardently engaged in and when it was time to perform ‘96’ in front of an audience of over five hundred people – including judge and regular presenter on ABC TV’s Play School, Alex Papps – everyone was left spellbound. The performance was expressive and eloquent. It articulated the sadness of the tragedy, but elevated the morality and justice of the final court ruling. It was – as Mr Papps announced – “beautifully performed”.

The performance earned a lengthy applause from the audience and a special award for “Best Historical Story”. It also won a “Best T-shirt Design” award – a design that was drawn by an artistic and imaginative Grade 6 student. And to top it all off – and much to the excitement of the ninety-two students who performed – it was announced that the performance was to progress to the State Finals at Hamer Hall in Melbourne on September 18.

From an educational perspective, the performing arts can be overlooked in the curriculum as literacy and numeracy often take centre stage. Tests and assessments are important teaching and learning tools, but so too are opportunities for students to showcase their skills and talents in other areas of the curriculum. Wakakirri – a word that deprives from the Wangaaypuwan people meaning “to dance” – is one such opportunity.

“Wakakirri is one of those priceless learning experiences, the value of which, cannot be measured in a test, yet leaves everyone with memories of a time well spent” wrote Berwick Lodge Principal Mr Henry Grossek in his weekly newsletter to the school community on August 24.

As Berwick Lodge prepares for the next stage of the Wakakirri competition, it is important to remember for whom this tribute is for. Mrs Montgomery is proud of her students and pleased that their story-dance will be performed again to an even bigger audience later this month.

 “To paraphrase the famous song, this is for the families of the ‘ninety-six’ perished souls, who walked through a storm together, held their heads up high, and were not afraid of the storm. It was their determination that gained justice for the people who died on that terrible day.”

 To coin a Wakakirri phrase, “Chookas” to all the students – from around the state – performing at the State Finals in-front of 2,661 attendees at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall on September 18.

Written and researched by Rob Kelly.


Originally published online and in-print in the Berwick News at on August 31, 2017.


Why More British People are Moving to Dubai

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UK undoubtedly remains to be one of the economic superpowers of the world. It still is to this day, yet the nation is beset with a lot of problems. Unemployment, for instance, persist in a lot of states in the country much to the dismay of a lot of Brits, solons and plain folks alike. While the government is trying its best to develop jobs for the people, it gets worse when putting in the fact that it is not being expedited as it should be. As it is, job generation is slower than the overall growth of the Brit population. Much of it can be blamed to the lethargic economy, which is still an ongoing debate between the two political parties in the nation.

Indeed, UK is no longer becoming what it was a long time ago—a land of opportunity. With the overall economic and employment situation in the nation, it would be quite hard for Brits to earn for themselves and for their families. With globalization as something that is inevitable in today’s setting, a lot of Brits have found themselves looking for other prospects elsewhere: abroad.

Yes, there a lot of overseas Brits scattered all over the globe. It is estimated that they are within millions, and most of them are employed as either skilled professionals or executives of overseas-based countries. While some intend to return to UK after fulfilling a year or two within an employment contract, some stayed longer than two or three years after signing a contract extension. Some even stayed there for good to teach at English schools in Dubai. Whether they found the most perfect job that they can’t turn down or they’ve already met their partner and settled in the country for good, there is really a lot of factors as to why Brits prefer to work overseas.

English schools in Dubai

It goes without saying that one of the primary reasons for Brits preferring to work abroad is the opportunity to earn double than what they actually earn in their homeland. This is favorable to the young professionals with ambition and drive to succeed; college graduates in UK either can’t get a job right after graduation or they get to work on jobs but are overqualified instead.

Graduates are afforded opportunities abroad because of the emerging economies in some parts of the world, like Asia, particularly in the Middle East. In the United Arab Emirates, for instance, companies operating their businesses in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are continuously searching for professionals to fill up the vacancies. Other countries like India are likewise looking for talent elsewhere, including Brit college graduates who are considered as having high value in the job market. This is why there is a sudden development in the education sector, thanks to the growing number of English schools in Dubai.

Apart from the sole reason of employment, there are added perks to working abroad, especially for Brits. One of them is getting exposed to the culture of the place where they work, opening them to meeting with new people and learning a new language. Those who work and live as expatriates have access to a lot of services that they also get to take advantage back home. Indeed, the enticement of some Brits to the glitter of earning money and experiencing a different culture is something that they can’t miss.

If you wish to take your talents and skills in Dubai, what you should do is to look for job opportunities while you are still in UK. This will save you time and money than going there without a clue about the current job market.



Child Care in This Day and Age: Finding a Comprehensive Solution for Your Little One

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Let’s face it; we all want what’s best for our children.

Parents from the world over dream of being able to provide a better life for their children, especially if they happen to come from generational poverty or a historical lack of education. After all, your child is your flesh and blood and he or she deserves to experience a well-rounded upbringing, especially when taking into account the hypercritical nature of our modern society.

A balanced approach involves encouraging healthy learning habits, reinforcing socialisation skills, and championing self-confidence during the child’s formative years; concepts that are taught by many of the reputable educational institutions across the country. However, these institutions don’t tend to your children on a 24/7/365 basis, meaning that you still need a solution for your child’s free time outside of the classroom. Additionally, children in the UK don’t start school until after age five, which emphasises the importance of finding a viable child care solution during these early years, especially if you’re a first-time parent.


Peace of Mind for Both Parents and Children

Most parents do their best to shield their children from the vicissitudes of the world such as bullies, violence, salty language, and poor manners. However, it’s important to note that you won’t always be there to protect them. Eventually your child will have to face the world alone and you must ensure that he or she is prepared for life as an adult. This all starts by presenting new realities to your child at a young age, which allows him or her to ingest fresh concepts in small easy-to-understand doses. Fortunately, you don’t have to adjust your work schedule or daily routine just to give your progeny the attention that he or she deserves because modern-day care centres are not only an extension of the classroom but they also feature an adaptable schedule to accommodate busy parents and guardians.

If you’re seeking out a reputable child day care in Nottingham, you can refer to the information below as a guiding light to picking the best facility for your child.

Finding a Solution for Your Child

The best-rated child care centres are renowned for their ability to create a safe, cheerful, and stimulating environment that reinforces mental wellness and effectively prepares children for structured schooling later on in life. Thus, during your research, you should keep an eye out for the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive Age-Based Approach: It’s important to note that babies (six weeks to two years), toddlers (ages two to three), and pre-schoolers (ages three to five) have varied needs, which is why the best care centres feature a segmented approach to each age group. Program placement should be based on the age and proficiency of the child in question as opposed to the traditional one-size-fits-all concept.
  • Well Appointed Facilities: As you’ll essentially be leaving your child in someone else’s care for long stretches of time, it’s important to ensure that the facility is safe, secure, and well equipped. From functional security provisions such as CCTV monitoring, fire alarms, and door entry controls to safe children’s accoutrements such as child-friendly toilets, soft play areas, and educational toys, the facility you choose should be a sanctuary for young minds.
  • Expert Staff: You should also ensure that the facility is run by reputable childcare professionals such as OFSTED-registered childminders, qualified nursery experts, former educators, or sole charge nannies.

Common Problems With Playground Equipment

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When you are in charge of a playground, the last thing that you want to do is have to fix lots of problems. However, it is important to know the warning signs when things start to go wrong with the equipment.

Rusty Slides

Slides need to be kept in top working condition so that people can continue to use them for as long as possible. You will be able to spot any rust because of the discolouration that occurs. The rust needs to be treated and removed so that the slide will be returned to its former glory. Rust can slow people down as they are trying to slide because it creates a lot of friction.

The most effective way to prevent rust from occurring is to keep the slide as dry as possible. A canopy is difficult to construct over the slide, so the best method is to wipe it down after each rainstorm. The slide will remain dry and you can keep it is the top condition. School playground equipment is not difficult to maintain.


Broken Swing Seats

People love to go on the swings and they get a lot of wear and tear. The seats can become broken if lots of people are sitting on them or they are bouncing up and down. The broken seats need to be replaced as soon as possible because people might fall off and injure themselves. A new seat will make the swing as strong as possible.

Compare different swing seats before making the final decision.

Cracked Tarmac

The tarmac needs to be smooth in order for people to play safely. Have the playground resurfaced on a regular basis so that the ground is completely level. Hot weather can cause concrete to split apart and rain can cause it to erode. Keep an eye on the quality of the tarmac and fix small and large issues as soon as they appear.

Broken Roundabout

Roundabouts can become broken if the seats start to crack or the railings become bent out of shape. The seats need to be replaced if this is the case, and the railings can be repaired so that they are totally upright again.

Broken Rocking Horse

Small children like being rocked on horses that are attached to the ground by a spring. The school playground equipment should be kept in good condition for the rides to work properly. The spring can sometimes become broken by the force of children rocking backwards and forwards. If this happens, then the entire spring needs to be replaced. As the spring gets older it could begin to rust. The rust can be removed and the spring can then be treated with specialist chemicals to ensure that no rust occurs.

Maintaining a playground takes a lot of patience because things can go wrong at any time and the problem might not be very easy to fix. Deal with problems as soon as they occur, even if you think that it is nothing major.


Finding School Apparel Companies is Easier than You Think

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School uniforms are quite common, and in fact, if you drive past any school yard during the year, you will see a lot of them in various colours and styles. Once only used by students in private schools, these days school uniforms are found on nearly every school-aged child you see. Some of these uniforms are solid in colour, while others offer prints and patterns of various designs. They can be dark blue or green, or even yellow or red. The one thing all school uniforms have in common is that they need to be made by a company that specialises in this type of apparel, because school uniforms not only must look good, but must be durable as well. Their designs must also be consistent with one another, particularly if there is a logo or insignia of some kind attached to the clothing. This is just one of the many reasons why choosing the right company to make your school uniforms is so important, because this is a specialised task that needs to be done right every time.

From Basic to Fancy, They do it All

Even if you are a new school and haven’t yet designed your school uniform, companies that make uniforms can help you design the perfect one for you. Whether you want a uniform that is all solid in colour, or one that consists of plaid bottoms and solid-coloured tops, they can accommodate you and produce a second-to-none look that your students will be proud to come to school in each day. Furthermore, even though school uniforms tend to be very reasonably priced, it is possible to find excellent wholesale school uniforms manufacturers that will give parents an even better price, which makes paying for your child’s uniforms that much easier.


All Types of Apparel Available

School uniforms are made of comfortable materials, and are available in pants, skirts, dresses, long- and short-sleeve tops, jackets, and even accessories such as socks, ties, and belts. After all, if you have decided that all students in your school must wear uniforms, you want them to look alike, and to have all the extras they need to complete the look that is desired. You can even incorporate the school name or logo onto the shirts and jackets for an even more personalised look, and this service is often provided for free. Even sportswear can be made in the school colours, so if a child is in soccer or tennis, they are still able to wear a uniform that matches the other students.

High-quality Clothing at Reasonable Prices

In addition to colour selection and style, school uniforms are also extremely well-made these days, since the companies that make them know how rough kids can be on their clothing, especially young children. School uniforms are made to withstand whatever life throws at them, so they are less likely to fade or tear. They are attractive, comfortable, and made to last, which are all things extremely important to most parents.