Aid Your Career Development With Various WSQ Certificate Courses At Each Level

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Hotel and accommodation services are ever-changing in a practical approach. Since there is always room for development, the students and working professionals can choose different training levels. Singapore’s hotel management industry supports the WSQ certificates for recognizing the talent and the candidate’s ability to work with practical standards. Looking for a better start to your hotel management career? Take a look at the vast expanse of WSQ certificate courses to choose your ground level!


Systematic approach through different courses


Training and certification are not restricted to the students or the job seekers. The working employees can also benefit from the interim courses to upgrade their academic knowledge to perform well. The courses are designed for different levels as:


  • Foundational diploma: The certificate diploma is a six-month-long basic course covering every theoretical and practical aspect of the accommodation services sector. The progressive study covers the organizational principles, front-face worker’s roles, housekeeping, and the customer receiving duties. Every subject covers the workplace challenges, different levels of work, and the integration of the staff to run a service effectively. For the applicant’s feasibility, the classes are arranged twice a week without a burdensome schedule. 


  • Higher studies: Interested candidates can develop their knowledge ahead of the foundational diploma. The higher certification aims to prepare the aspirants as the market’s front face. This one-month course explores marketing, brand promotion, customer interaction, and managerial duties. The acquisition of a higher diploma opens up job opportunities of higher cader and pay. If you are already working in the accommodation services sector, adding the higher certificate might find your resume in higher job considerations. 


  • Skill upgrading courses: Some courses from foundational or higher studies levels upgrade with developing workplace demands. The modular courses are flexible in choosing any desired skill to attain perfection in the latest strategies. You can choose the courses that channel your career path to attain perfection. 


  • Workshop courses: Service excellence courses, workplace safety, ethical interaction in the workplace needn’t be limited to the academic days. As the global policies and industry’s practical approach change, the employees must equip themselves with these general courses. They are designed as single-day workshops yet providing certificates worthy for industrial consideration. 


Any of these WSQ certificate courses aren’t limited to a certain age. Academies give freedom to the aspiring students and the employees seeking to change their career, for adopting any course as required. However, the approaching candidate needs to qualify the pre-educational eligibility to be applicable for these job-oriented programs. 

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