Ample Scopes for the Engineering Professionals

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At present, one of the most preferred subjects for higher studies is engineering. It is a broad stream that splits into many different disciplines like civil, mechanical, electrical and so forth. This course program develops a wide range of practical skills that accordingly helps the professionals to contribute for the positive development of the society. So, the engineers are highly valued in various industries. If you have completed your 12th grade in the science stream and have interest and passion to join the field of engineering, then you should have a clear notion as for what you want to get out of this course. And accordingly you should choose the specialization branch, so that you can completely reap the benefits from the knowledge and skill sets acquired.

Below, some of the most popular engineering streams are discussed, as offered by the best engineering university in Dehradun or for that matter anywhere else in the country, that will guide you to understand you interest related to the branches better.  



Civil branch basically prepares the students for a career in the construction industry. The job of these engineers is challenging as well as rewarding, since they get involved in construction, design, management and so forth, depending on their interest and specialization topic. In addition to that, they also are work even for the business, management and financial sectors.


Mechanical branch is a vast field that includes a broad range of engineering disciplines, offering numerous highly regarded skill sets. These engineers are suitable for many roles, apart from the engineering sector. They develop resourceful solutions in order to improve mechanical products and processes for various industries.


Chemical engineers examine and design the natural resources and its processes in order to turn raw materials into everyday products like food, fuel, etc. by following safety guidelines. In fact, modern chemical engineers are involved in the innovation of useful new resources and techniques, like biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc.


This particular branch prepares the students to design, develop and maintain electrical control systems or electronic equipment, along with the blend of technical knowledge and commercial awareness. Electrical branch also groom the students with strong skills that offer them numerous job opportunities both within and outside the engineering industry.


Aeronautical branch prepares the students to design, develop and test the performance of military and civil aircraft. The course also includes the design and development of weapons, satellites and so on. These professionals work in the manufacturing process of such aircrafts by applying technical, mathematical and scientific principles.

Apart from the above discussed core branches of engineering, many reputed universities in the country like, the best university Uttarakhand offers various other upgraded engineering programs which you can opt for. For instance: this institute offers integrated management programs for the engineering graduates and groom them with strong problem-solving and management skill sets, so they can sketch a successful career graph.

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