Do you want two qualifications for the price of one?

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This article explains the viability and need for integrated degree courses after Class 12, and how they further your job prospects.

It’s a competitive world out there, and things are not made easier by the rise of new technologies and few spots in niche, high-paying professions. While the job market demands more skilled and well-rounded individuals across different sectors of business and commerce, there is a corresponding demand for study courses that offer much more than a conventional degree in Arts, Science or Commerce.


Indeed, being just an engineer could not tip the scales in your favour when you go looking for a job, than being an engineer with the added qualification of a business administration degree under your belt.

How can this be possible? Is there a way to add another subject to your stream of study so that your educational degree has greater power and is backed by more knowledge? There is, if you opt for an integrated course after Class 12. The following sections outline how this degree benefits you.

Why opt for an integrated course after Class 12?

The most obvious benefit of taking the integrated course after 12th, is to save time and get much larger exposure with affordable fees. It is more beneficial than a regular graduation programme, since it saves at least one year out of your student life.

  • Integrated degree courses offer benefits both in terms of increasing the depth of your qualifications, and ensuring your professional progress by fast-tracking your career in your chosen field.
  • The biggest benefit that most students opt for after doing their B Tech entrance exam and opting for the integrated degree course, is that it saves at least one year of your studies. Instead of opting for two or three years of master’s specialisation, you only need to spend one additional year studying for the integrated degree course. This means that you can join the workforce much earlier, with qualifications that match those of a comparable master’s degree holder.
  • This benefit of time saving is also accompanied by the benefit of greater depth of knowledge that adds more value to your degree. Suppose you were to supplement your B Tech degree with business administration, you would be a much more valuable candidate for potential employers.
  • Plus, the course does not cost more just because it offers the benefit of integration.
  • As the holder of a degree in integrated courses, you are recognised both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate.
  • These courses help students who are interested in pursuing two streams of study, but who don’t wish to study for them one after another.
  • Students opting for the integrated degree course after 12th need not give multiple admission tests, such as the B Tech entrance exam and several others. The technical university or college provides for one admission test only.

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