Hosting Students-Forever Connections

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Hosting students from a foreign land is opening your heart with sincerity and expectations for a better tomorrow. With thousands of students hosted annually by American families, hosting students continues to grow with high anticipations. Whether just hosting students for the first time or on an annual basis hosting students is truly an amazing experience one that will forever be etched into the memories of hosting families. Hosting students, male or female requires participation by all members of the existing family. Since all members of the family will be involved at some point, in the process of hosting students, a team effort is required with full cooperation to ensure that the arriving new member of the family feels welcome and secure.

Hosting students within the boundaries of the United States is a rather lengthy process beginning with the application process. Each application is reviewed in detail to ensure that the hosting family fits all the specifications set forth by Federal Agencies, CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) is a good place to start. CSIET audits many exchange websites ensuring accuracy and compliance with all requirements in exchange programs. CSIET website is full of valuable information that applies to many different scenarios in hosting students from another country. It is well worth a few minutes of time to read all the pertinent information listed.

Hosting Students

Hosting students is both an adventure and at times a challenge. There are many aspects of hosting students that need careful planning and review before the arrival of as new family member for a year, depending on the exchange program selected. Patience, understanding and complete control of emotions is essential when hosting students no matter how much planning goes into effect,  because eventually something falls out of place or plans go astray. Being able to resolve the situation quickly all while moving forward with a new plan is “thinking on your feet” and maybe required more than once during the long visit of your new family member.

Hosting students is something that not all families get involved with. Hosting students takes a very special and unique person and family to open up their home for a year to a complete stranger. With open hearts, minds and arms, these very special families go to great lengths to see that the newest member of their family is treated as one of their own. Where patience and kindness exceed have no boundaries or boarders, hosting students are welcomed into thousands of homes in the United States and across the World.

Hosting students has no place for bigotry, prejudice or pre-conceived feelings or emotions and certainly misconceptions based on rumors not facts. Get to know the individual you have invited to be a member of your family. Learn from each other and experience both Worlds that are now part of your once docile home. It is often and learning experience that will be more than what was initially expected, an experience that will blossom into forever connections.


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