How A Maths Tutor Truly Helps Your Child

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Parents often hire h2 maths tutor to help their child with school work and to prepare for their exams. However, the benefits of employing maths tutors goes beyond these two points. In the face of the academic knowledge that they offer, several other benefits often go unnoticed.

Each time your child enters the next level of education, a massive leap in difficulty occurs. After the holiday, they trusted back into the classroom with the full expectation that they are able to not only pick up where they left off, but to also grasp new complex concepts quickly. For example, the transition from model drawing to algebra equations often catches students off guard. Since teachers are often limited by resources and are confined by the school’s syllabus, they are unable to revisit the previous level’s concepts. As such, slower students may be left behind, unable to really grasp what their teachers are saying in class.

Unfortunately, in most cases, rather than catching up, students fall further behind when they do not have strong fundamentals. Things quickly begin to snowball, as the semester advances. It is here that a maths tutor is able to help students to learn at the right pace for them. Tutors are able to customize lessons for students, ensuring that they are first comfortable with fundamental topics, before systematically linking these to advance topics. Additionally, where a student may be too shy to ask questions in class, they are generally more confident to do so in a one to one environment.

Understanding the why and how instead of just the what is another benefit that maths tutors offer. Due to limited time, teachers often are not able to go through every concept in detail during class. As such, maths is often simplified down to a practice and repeat formula based approach. While effective for simple questions, without understanding further, it becomes difficult to apply the concept for more advance questions. Additionally, the limited time in class also prevents teachers from going through each mistake individually with students. Thus, doubts may be left unanswered at the end of class. Tutors are able to firstly explain why and how the student got the question wrong, before also testing the student’s understanding of the concept.

Lastly, hiring a maths tutor from the start helps to relieve stress and anxiety from your child as they are not left feeling worried about their inability to catch up with their peers.

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