Top-Notch Reasons Why choose DASCA for Data Science Certifications

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As technology advancement intensifies, job opportunities will churn out in the data science industry.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily, the demand for data scientists is set to go through the roof.

  • One of the best jobs in 2020 is a data scientist with a sharp rise of 364,000 to 2,720,000 job openings, predicts IBM. This demand is said to drastically shoot up to 700, 000 job openings by year-end.
  • Based on Glassdoor’s report, a data scientist job is still the no.1 job on the portal. The job role has been placed in the first position for the last couple of years.

How do you plan on placing the right people with the right jobs?

Nearly 82% of the executives stated that their organizations are extensively using data to make informed decisions says a survey by ‘Economist Intelligence Unit.’

But there’s a downside to the story.

You don’t have enough data science professionals to bridge the skill-gap – how do you plan to transform the current workforce?

Are you looking to upskill?

Whether you’re looking to start your career in data science or are well along in your career, a credible certification in 2020 will help navigate your career in data science.

To address the skill-gap, the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), an online program disruptor in data science projects to reskill tech professionals today.

Today, DASCA is hitting its stride by offering structured and detailed data science certification programs.

Based on ‘eLearning Industry’s statistics’ it is said that there will be a 28% rise in organizations that will look up to online learning programs and corporate training.


Why choose DASCA certification programs?

  • Fosters 40-50% salary hike

Top employers demand latest skills in data science thus boosting wages for candidates with the right skillset. Job opportunities in the data science industry are plenty, but getting a job has always been challenging for the candidate. Taking advantage of DASCA’s certification program will eventually help you earn high-paying jobs.

  • DASCA’s certified data science professional to land the best jobs in the industry

Based on DASCA’s research, there were nearly 70% of the candidates who were deemed potential talent in the industry. As you qualify this program, not only do you get the opportunity to grab one of the best jobs but your portfolio also gets recognized by the job industry.

  • Worldwide recognition

Top employers are skeptical about hiring data science professionals for their firm. However, earning a certification through DASCA eliminates the skeptics. The certification programs offered by DASCA is authentic across various industries and sectors

  • Grab one of the go-to job roles in the industry

Around 78% of the CTOs in the DASCA study came out with a conclusion stating that professionals with an international certification program are poised to get hired faster and with better job roles. DASCA is the organization that has managed to pivot its way from traditional practices and is now called the best-of-breed professionals around the world.

  • Secure your data science career even when there’s fear due to economic downturns

A DASCA certified professional gains a career that is downturn-resistant and future-friendly. How? The framework and coursework are designed by the esteemed body of knowledge and the most updated models that make the candidate future-ready.

  • Be among the chosen 15 million data science professionals in 2020

Perhaps this is the right time to ride the big data wave. According to CredRadar, a study conducted by CredForce, it is estimated that there will be as many as 5 million data science job openings in 2020. While data science and big data are projected to take the world by storm.

Flaunt your data science skills today. Get DASCA certified and move ahead of the curve!

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