What a commercial officer does

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Acquiring new customers and confirming loyalty to the brand and to the company is today increasingly difficult thanks to the access to different forms of communication made possible by the internet, which have contributed to evolving customer requests for a specific product or service technician trainee hong kong.

They have changed the buying behavior of customers and the work required trade official have evolved, looking for figures that are able to use new technologies, allowing to make sales actions more profiled to customer needs, responding adequately to various requests from customers airport operations graduate trainee programme.

In fact today, thanks to the internet, it is possible to know the research trends relating to a product , the main requests of customers in this regard, then formulate a commercial proposal that satisfies them widely. Competition can also be monitored more effectively thanks to the internet, allowing the commercial officer to counteract their actions and identify their strengths to increase company sales.


The commercial officer is therefore not a simple salesman, but an employee of the commercial sector directly employed by the company which is entrusted with particular tasks. Among these, the main one is to take care of the most important customers , establishing a relationship of trust with them by responding to the customer’s needs relating to the product, payments and deliveries. This fiduciary relationship established by the commercial officer will put his company in a pre-eminent position over its competitors, increasing customer loyalty to the product and brand, consolidating the market acquired by the company. Furthermore, it must acquire new customers who contact the company directly, formulating a commercial offer in line with requests.

He may also be required to participate in fairs and events in which the sales department is directly involved, both on national soil and abroad. To better accomplish these and other tasks, today he has at his disposal a series of tools unthinkable until a few years ago, which allow him to present to the customer a targeted offer, which effectively responds to the requests made. To obtain good results, he must be able to coordinate with the marketing department by implementing the strategies outlined, at the same time providing data on the market from which to draw indications to improve the current strategy. Visits to customers are therefore also an opportunity to collect useful information to improve the company’s commercial strategy.

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