What is Computer Science Engineering?

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Does technology fascinate you? In today’s digital world, the scope for a computer science engineering student is more exciting than ever.

Computer science engineering in the past couple of decades has emerged as an exciting branch of engineering to study. Especially with the rapid technological developments the world has seen in the period, it is little wonder that BTech CSE and MTech CSE have become such sought-after degrees.

In terms of career scope, one can look forward to a bright future with a BTech CSE and a Master’s degree in their chosen discipline.

What is it?

Once taught along with mathematics and other branches of engineering, the computer science engineering syllabus is a separate field of engineering studies today. The computer science engineering syllabus includes several topics like programming languages, understanding of computer hardware and software, designing programs, algorithm analyses etc.

At the BTech CSE level, the syllabus covers the basics of programming and networking while the advanced aspects are focussed on in the Master’s course. Leading universities like NIIT University in the country today offer BTech CSE and MTech CSE degrees to engineering aspirants.


  • To pursue a BTech CSE degree, a student must have cleared 10 + 2 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The minimum scores required vary.
  • For a Master’s degree, an aspirant needs a Btech CSE degree along with the required qualifying marks.

Study Content

  • Essentially, thecomputer science engineering syllabus covers aspects of electrical engineering and computer science, and focusses on every area of computing, be it microprocessors or computing devices.
  • As part of the computer science engineering syllabus, a student will learn how microprocessors are designed and made, how they work, more about data communication between electronic components, how the components are made and their operation, writing of software etc.


As a computer science engineer, you will manage the computer software and hardware, and networking systems within an organisation. He/she can work on the design and development of both software and hardware and even write codes and algorithms for various computer operating systems.

Career Scope

  • With a BTech CSE and/or MTech CSE degrees, career opportunities in software development, hardware engineering, system design and analysis among others open up. Qualified professionals find employment as software and hardware developers, and networking and security administration in leading organisations across sectors.
  • Particularly, in the current industry scenario, a computer science engineer will find ample opportunities to build a fruitful career with not just the IT bellwethers, but the best companies in multiple sectors.

While the opportunities are several, bear in mind that the computer science engineering syllabus is an intensive one. With hard work, interest in the subject and curiosity to learn more are very essential to succeed. The desire to learn plays a very significant role in the building of a successful computer science engineer, particularly since there are new developments happening by the minute in a very fast-paced environment. Thus, it becomes crucial for a professional to be able to keep up with the same and develop a constant desire to learn more.

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