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If you’re trying to learn a language like Spanish, it’s likely that you’ve heard all the buzz about using Spanish flashcards, right?

Even if you haven’t – or you have, and you’re not sure what Spanish flashcards are – then (hopefully) this article will show you what an excellent resource to learning a second language they are.

Why are people using Spanish flashcards?

There are an abundance of ways to learn a language like Spanish, from traditional methods such as audio courses, through to modern methods such as apps and smartphones. However, the popularity of people using Spanish flashcards is growing rapidly due to their practicality, simplicity and success.

Knowing they can carry flashcards anywhere and learn Spanish, people of all ages from children to pensioners are carrying around and using Spanish flashcards.

How are people using Spanish flashcards?

The basic principle in using Spanish flashcards is that the card serves as a memory aid to practice vocabulary.

An individual can test himself/herself by looking at a Spanish flashcard, and seeing the picture or English word, then speak aloud what they think is the correct answer.

If there are correct, they can move onto another Spanish flashcard, or if they are wrong they can place the card in a pile to retry a short while later.

Simply put, Spanish flashcards are a complete multilingual toolkit in themselves, for all ages.

As an added bonus, some Spanish flashcards are also ‘write and wipe’ so one can add their own new words, phrases or vocabulary in addition to the pre-printed ones.

What words or phrases work well when using Spanish flashcards?

using Spanish flashcards 1

Of course, knowing Spanish flashcards are ‘write and wipe’ creates endless possibilities. However, the normal starting points with flashcards are :-

  • Alphabet
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Actions
  • Numbers

How do I know if I’ve got the pronunciation correct when using Spanish flashcards?

If you are using Spanish flashcards from Wordunited(, then the website allows learners to listen to all the letters and words to check pronunciation.

Alternatively, language learners can use the Wordunited pronunciation guide to say the letters and words.

How good are the Spanish flashcards to use?

Learners enjoy using Wordunited Spanish flashcards as the pictures are eye-catching, the text is clear and the cards are manufactured to high standards.

Having the Spanish flashcards which allow ‘write and wipe’ is an added bonus as language learners can add their own words and phrases to test themselves.

Conclusion: using Spanish flashcards, you will be speaking Spanish in no time

Whether you’re learning Spanish alone, or as part of a group, or are young or old, you will definitely have fun using Spanish flashcards.

Knowing that can practice anytime and virtually anywhere with Spanish flashcards, will also help you keep on top of your language practice – even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

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