8 Research Funding to the Horticultural Development

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If you are looking for grants for your researches in the field of Horticulture, then Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) could help you there. The ARDA is actively working to promote the researchers in the segment of Horticulture. It is to promote the horticultural industry as a world-level quality producer of horticultural yields. Follow the article to know more about the grants on the horticultural researches, its eligibility, and career.

Requirements for Research Funding

As a general requirement to get aid from the ARDA, one needs to be interested in the development of horticulture and should actively be working on the same in the past. ARDA launches different fellowship and research funding programs for the enthusiastic person of horticultural development. The research programs are specifically aimed to develop a zeel among all towards horticultural development. The only requirement to get the scholarship or grant is that you should be dedicated to developing the same.

Role of ARDA

The Agricultural Research Development Agency, or ARDA, is a federal organization that promotes and is regarded as a pioneer in yield potential development and operations. Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand oversees the project. To resolve issues and expand Thailand’s farming sectors. This year, an initiative to conduct studies following the institution’s experimental strategy. It is expected to be fascinating and vital in Thailand’s agricultural production. It is a strategy for increasing productivity via technology and development. The initiative will boost efficiency and will establish a positive financial base for agriculture.

Why Research Funding!

The research funding will boost the researchers to make more efforts, but it will also encourage the youth of Thailand to look at horticulture as a booming segment of earnings. It could be beneficial for all if efforts are made in the right direction, so the research funding is aimed to provide deep assistance to all the researchers. The biggest aim of the agricultural research funding is to become self-dependent and reduce the dependency on other nations for food items. It will not increase the growth of Thailand but also going to reduce the economical burden.


Become part of Thailand’s research funding program and aid your horticultural research with better monetary and knowledge assistance from Thailand’s best agricultural experts. Contribute to the countries growth and make yourself prosperous. Get grants for your researches irrespective of your age and educational qualifications, as ARDA have it for all.

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