How to start using Quora to sell your Online Courses?

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People usually have a query about the best online courses on a certain subject. What’s the best online course for digital marketing? Which is the best online trading course? If you have ever searched similar questions on google or Youtube, you surely know what I am talking about.

The question-based searches have become massively popular as well.

If you are selling online courses or planning to sell online courses, this blog will tell you how to leverage Quora in promoting them.

Engaging with your target audience on Quora has its own advantage. Quora has approximately 2.1million active daily users. This makes it one of the powerful platforms to be in.

Course creators are usually aware of how good Quora is for online promotion. However, what’s missing is some handholding on how to exactly go about it. I have covered the exact steps to be followed to market your  online courses.

Setting up the Quora profile

This sure sounds obvious. But, setting up a perfect profile in order to sell your online courses is significantly important. Create a profile which clearly highlights what you do and revolves around your expertise on the subject. Add a genuine profile picture, bio & add relevant spaces, etc. Ensure that your profile is complete. It will be so helpful for users to identify you and to represent the brand. Add relevant links to our website as well, in order to send traffic to your website or online course platform.

Setting up alerts on topics related to your course content
Follow specific topics and fellow influencers in your area of expertise. It would help you in building a profile of your target audience. Quora would constantly update your feed with the questions of your niche. Newly answered questions, new shares on the space etc will happen from time to time. Try to give a detailed and well-researched answers in order to build your following and establish authority.

Answer varied questions
Even if you come across a question which is not relevant to your course promotion strategy but is beneficial to your audience, answer them as well.  This would be super valuable to them and will generate great deal of trust for you.

Providing links when neccessary
Using a lot of links while answering your questions won’t magically give you sales. Make sure it doesn’t look spammy otherwise your answer might even get banned by Quora. Be genuine while answering and add links wherever required. Make sure your answers are to the point too.

Analyzie the traffic generated from Quora
Using Google Tags as well as Google Analytics to get a fair idea of how your users interact with your site. Analyze that your traffic are converting or not. Accordingly, you can retarget them via paid ads and eventually convert them.

Now that your profile is created and  you are establishing thought leadership, start driving traffic through your ads.


  • Ask valid & relatable questionsIf you don’t find favourable questions often, don’t hesitate to ask them yourself. Doing it will provide you with an additional opportunity to highlight your course and gain attention.
  • Promote your answer: Once you have written a well researched answer, promote it via Quora. Like other platforms, Quora also has the option to run paid promotions. The ideal way to go about it is to find great questions, write indepth answers, finally add a link to your course. Now promote it how you would usually promote it on other mediums.

While trying to sell your course, choose a course platform which has integrated marketing activities as well, like Spayee. In the long run, Quora will help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Focus on that and begin promoting.

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