Test Your Project Management Skills With This Drill

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Everyone has some degree of skill when it comes to managing a project. Some people work better in groups, while others are keener on working by themselves. There are also others who would prefer to handle things in a more strict manner, while others are laxer in approach. Which method of management will work best in what scenario is the question on today’s hand?

Unfortunately, we cannot simply provide every single person with a real-life project. That will come out as too expensive and full of risks. Instead, there are risks that have been developed that focus on distinguishing a person’s level of management. Do note that this is just a drill that helps give an idea of how the person can improve. This is not an automatic vindictive statement that means one form of management method is better than another.

Project Management Skills

Here are some of the drills that can really test your project management skills.

Possible Mission: Escape From Earth Game

What is one management drill that a person can do that would really bring out a person’s true skill? It should be something that would feel like there are some significant repercussions. And that is exactly what the “Possible Mission: Escape From Earth Game” entails.

The premise of this entire drill is that it is the year 2117. The earth is now in critical condition and is now about to end. Environmental destruction has rendered the planet uninhabitable for human life. As such, the only possible solution is to leave this planet in search of more hospitable conditions.

You will be in charge of a group of astronauts and space explorers called the GASA. The Global Aeronautics and Space Administration task force that you have decided to assign you as the lead manager. Your task is to find a new suitable home planet for us humans to live in. The fate of the world and your crew will fall directly on your hands.

This drill is part of the project management training courses that you can partake in. Your entire management ability will be tested in this group drill. A team of 5 people will be assigned to follow your strict instructions in order to achieve the goal. Do note that there is no access to computers during this entire procedure. You will have to manually quantify each risk and budget that you have been allotted.

The game itself is divided into 3 major phases: planning (3 hours), execution (4 hours), and close (2 hours). You are going to be using this limited amount of time to manage each aspect of your space crew. In addition, you will be competing with up to a maximum of 4 teams per session. This will entice you to perform your absolute best in order to beat their score.

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