Recession Proof Professions

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It is the great responsibility of the students to select the careers of their choice with a vision that career should be Recession proof i.e. the career should retain its stand even when the economy is shaken by different reasons. Recent survey on recession proof profession was conducted and out of the top 20 jobs, 6 jobs are in IT Sector these are Software design/development, Networking/systems administration, Database administration, Software implementation analyst, Testing/quality assurance. The brief regarding these fields are as under:-

Software design/development

It is one of the major Recession Proof Profession as the software development can never be stooped. As the IT sector is growing the need/demand for software development is becoming higher. The students should be aware of the latest language in demand for the software development, as the software in IT industry changes very rapidly.

Networking/systems administration

As all of us want to communicate to every corner of the world, Networking is the only solution. As the communication and data transfer is being used to great extend not only at individual but at all levels of business and offices. The connectivity across the world of different offices and business establishments is important for better management of business. Also this includes various assignments works to be done for work flow. You can also try assignment writing service with individual approach on This is the field where students are showing great interest.

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Database administration

Database technique has completely revolutionized the IT sector as the data can be stored, edited and used later as and when required. All business organizations, government offices, military organizations, weather forecasting and any organization whether small or big uses database to very large extent. It has played a major role in catering to the escalating demands for storage and infrastructure. Now it has become more important as we are in the age of Cloud computing and Big Data.

Software implementation analyst

Whenever we want to start new business, office, machine we require Software implementation specialist. These specialists are specialized in facilitating the deployment of new software and/or other new business functions across an organization; this includes testing, documentation, and teaching new users. These specialists will always be in the demand as change is the law of nature, use of new software, change in the software, change in the function of the company and teaching new users will always take place.

Testing/quality assurance

This field will remain alive till the software development is going on as it confirms that the software under development meets the business requirements and solves the problem. Testing and quality assurance include activities that have significant impact on the quality of delivered software. As of the recourses are limited the use of sound testing techniques during the planning and execution of these activities is crucial.

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