What Makes Law an Honorable Profession?

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Law has been one of the most famous career choices in India for a long time. People with family backgrounds into the law profession for generations generally choose to study law too. Nevertheless, to become a successful lawyer it is not necessary to have a family background in this profession neither is it required that you belong to a rich family. Anyone can study law, if he/she has the obsession for it.

Conventionally, students could specialize in only criminal or civil laws. However, this notion has changed now and today students can choose to specialize in any of the diverse options available like corporate laws, patent laws, etc. A law degree from one of the top 10 law schools in India not only allow you to practice as an advocate in the court rooms but also opens up several career options in sectors such as legal services, corporate management and administrative services.


Students, who want to make a career in law can, pursue a three-year degree in law either after completing graduation in any discipline or can pursue 5 years’ degree after completing 12th class. The LLB program in India is regulated by the Bar Council of India, which forms rules and regulations related to legal practice in the country. Any specialization in law is done at post graduation or doctorate stage.

Is the Law Right Career for Me?


Law is a career, which needs lot of logical skills and patience. It takes lots of hard work and commitment on the part of students to become a successful lawyer. First generation lawyers face several problems in their law profession as is right for every other profession. It turns out to be easier if one gets training under a Senior Lawyer in the start of their career. This is not to say that novices cannot make it on their own, as anything is achievable with determination and hard work. Good communication skills, critical analysis and articulation are pre-requisites for lawyers. So, one should examine these points before choosing law as a career.

Job Prospects

There is a plethora of job opportunities for a law graduate from one of the top 10 law colleges in India. Law graduates can either practice as a lawyer in a court or work with companies as a legal advisor. By passing examinations conducted by Public Service Commissions, a law graduates can also become a judge. After obtaining some experience as a lawyer, a law graduate can also become a Public Prosecutor, a Solicitor General, or offer services to ministries or government departments. You can also take a job as a legal advisor for organizations.

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