What Makes Law an Honorable Profession?

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Law has been one of the most famous career choices in India for a long time. People with family backgrounds into the law profession for generations generally choose to study law too. Nevertheless, to become a successful lawyer it is not necessary to have a family background in this profession neither is it required that you belong to a rich family. Anyone can study law, if he/she has the obsession for it.

Conventionally, students could specialize in only criminal or civil laws. However, this notion has changed now and today students can choose to specialize in any of the diverse options available like corporate laws, patent laws, etc. A law degree from one of the top 10 law schools in India not only allow you to practice as an advocate in the court rooms but also opens up several career options in sectors such as legal services, corporate management and administrative services.


Students, who want to make a career in law can, pursue a three-year degree in law either after completing graduation in any discipline or can pursue 5 years’ degree after completing 12th class. The LLB program in India is regulated by the Bar Council of India, which forms rules and regulations related to legal practice in the country. Any specialization in law is done at post graduation or doctorate stage.

Is the Law Right Career for Me?


Law is a career, which needs lot of logical skills and patience. It takes lots of hard work and commitment on the part of students to become a successful lawyer. First generation lawyers face several problems in their law profession as is right for every other profession. It turns out to be easier if one gets training under a Senior Lawyer in the start of their career. This is not to say that novices cannot make it on their own, as anything is achievable with determination and hard work. Good communication skills, critical analysis and articulation are pre-requisites for lawyers. So, one should examine these points before choosing law as a career.

Job Prospects

There is a plethora of job opportunities for a law graduate from one of the top 10 law colleges in India. Law graduates can either practice as a lawyer in a court or work with companies as a legal advisor. By passing examinations conducted by Public Service Commissions, a law graduates can also become a judge. After obtaining some experience as a lawyer, a law graduate can also become a Public Prosecutor, a Solicitor General, or offer services to ministries or government departments. You can also take a job as a legal advisor for organizations.


Career Opportunities after Pursuing a Degree in Public Policy at JSGP

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Students who pursue public policy courses in India go on to work in consulting firms, international organizations and governments, non-profit organizations, serving public interest. These experts offer solutions to international challenges through economics, finance, quantitative analysis, management skills, etc. Whether you want to focus on your local community or the whole society, a career in Public Policy is suitable for those who want to bring about a change in the world.

The best way to make the most of your public policy degree is to take up a cause, which you’re enormously passionate about, and get an organization that shares the similar passion as you, to work for. Public Policy earlier used to be perceived as degrees taken up by mid-career bureaucrats. Though, more than ever before, the Indian government has been hiring people from outside civil service to assist carry forward India’s Governance via the challenges of the 21st century. The future generation of India’s policy makers, will have to steer the nexus between governance, politics, private sector and civil society, more than ever before.

Public Policy Careers Gaining Traction across the Globe


The impetus of public policy is receiving enormous traction across the world; governments are rapidly looking out for partnerships with public policy focused think tanks. In present times, private and non-profit organizations increasingly need more engagement with government regulators and therefore, there is a huge demand for professionals experienced in international affairs and public policy to take up these roles. Things have altered so much these days with everyone from large multinational companies to start-ups creating different public policy roles so that they can signify their interests and control government bylaws in their field.

What kinds of organizations can one find work with this degree?

A degree from a top public policy college in India like Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) is actually a gateway to a world of fantastic opportunities. Public policy graduates are global change agents in a varied range of fields. Alumni of JSGP continue to create a difference across the world – refining public policy, setting-up businesses and proceeding non-profit movements. They are also holding leadership positions in private and government organizations as well as driving research in a variety of fields.

Benefits of a Degree in Public Policy

Firstly, the flexible nature of public policy degree imparts skill to learn promptly and in-depth about several difficult topics, which are essential to work in any field. The skills you learning while pursuing public policy program help you in almost every profession.



Career Opportunities after Pursuing a Degree in Liberal Arts

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In the present technology based world, it might appear like degrees in humanities and liberal arts are not valuable any more. Also, it creates the impression that a degree in Science like Engineering, Architecture, and so forth is getting all honors. Nonetheless, if you are intending to pursue a degree in liberal arts and humanities, you don’t need to worry as there are several advantages of having a degree in humanities.

In the accompanying paragraphs, we will talk about a couple of advantages of pursuing after a degree in liberal arts and humanities from a college that comes in the list of top 10 humanities colleges in India.

Marketable Skills

In spite of the fact that it’s valid that science graduates are high in demand, it is also a reality that a degree in liberal arts and humanities teach fundamental abilities to students that are important to be an effective professional in the present competitive era.

These aptitudes contain:

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity/advancement
  • Critical and analytical thinking




The greater part of the degrees in liberal arts and humanities don’t include exceedingly specialized areas of study. However, the skills like writing, creativity and critical thinking, and communication gained during this degree are applicable to almost every kind of occupations and fields.

Liberal arts and Humanities degree from a top Humanities & Social Sciences college in India is especially useful in the present employment scenario, where individuals switch their occupations all the more regularly. Liberal arts and humanities graduates have competence that allow smooth job change and offer access to a wide variety of jobs and professions.

Fundamental Skills

Aside from equipping students with necessary employment abilities, liberal arts and humanities degree likewise teach basic fundamental abilities. These skills shape students into responsible and better citizens and individuals. While pursuing a degree in humanities, students get the chance to find out about various societies, approaches, cultures and mucah more.

Securing a wide base of information about culture, places, individuals and problems in the society make students more empathetic and understanding. They gain a deeper understanding of various worldviews, which contributes to learn skills discussed earlier.



Comprehending the Difference between B.Com and B.Com Honors

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Commerce is a very well-paid career option and an educational stream that attracts various students. People choose to pursue their career in commerce stream after completing their class 12. However, one common question that baffles the mind of most of the students is about the essential difference between B.Com and B.Com (Honors) course offered at universities.

B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) are two different degree courses, which both belong to the same academic fields. However, their syllabus differs vastly from each other, since their approach to learning is different. You need to know the difference between both the programs to make a calculated choice related to the course you want to choose.

Points of Difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.)


Students pursue B.Com study program that gives them just an overview of all the subjects in the program. Subjects taught to students in both of these programs will be the same. However, those pursuing B.Com degree will not be able to specialize in any particular subject while on the other hand if they pursue B.Com (Hons.) from the best B.Com Hons. college in Delhi or from anywhere else in India can choose to specialize in a specific subject such as accounting, finance, economics etc.

Objective of the Course

B.Com course is a programme with a curriculum designed to make student known with the diverse aspects of the field of commerce. They will discover how to do business and trading. Whereas, the students pursuing B.Com (Hons) in India have a business-oriented program structured designed to enhance their business skills and offer them deep knowledge of the field. For people, who want to pursue their career in Chartered Accountancy this educational course would prove to be very helpful.


Admission Criteria / Cut-offs

The admission in both B.Com and B.Com. (Hons.) programme is done on the basis of marks obtained by students in class 12th. The only dissimilarity is that the cut-off of B.Com (Hons.) program is much higher as compared to B.Com course.

Market Value

B.Com program does not possess a very high market value unless a student pursues some job oriented programs like MBA or M.Com. While, B.Com (Hons.) being a specialized educational program it offers excellent career opportunities and good salary packages. It is highly appreciated by business industry.

Jobs and Salary

Students have many job and employment options after completing a degree in B.Com but the salary packages are not very high. Fresher can anticipate salary packages between Rs.14,000-20,000 per month. While, for those from B.Com (Hons.) program get quite a good salary packages and perks. Because the course is greatly valued by the industry officials fresh graduates can get a salary between Rs. 25,000 to 45,000 per month at entry-level.


Preparing for Medical Assistant Certification Exam

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The medical assistant certification exam is supposed to assess the competence, skill level, and knowledge a medical assistant has. The American Association of Medical Assistants presents accreditations to all those who’re able to complete this exam successfully. Even though the professional may be well trained to operate in the healthcare industry, this exam authenticates his skills. The National Board of Medical Examiners acts as the test consultants for the AAMA’s certification exam. This adds a lot of importance to the exam. Though this exam is not required, it is however known to give medical assistants an advantage over the others while trying to find work. Furthermore, being licensed could mean, better job security, and being held to a higher standard of professionalism coupled with bigger salaries.

 Medical Assistant Certification A Key to Enter the Medical World

The huge popularity of medical assistant certification brought more students in the field to start their career. It is also popular a door to the lucrative medical field. A medical assistant learns valuable skills through this certification and provide job security and great benefits to the work. The importance of Preparing for Medical Assistant Certification has increased in the contemporary days. Having this certification gives a positive view to a clinic or hospital. This certificate is valid only for 60 months from the date of certification, so if one wants to maintain their status then it must be renewed. This certificate is designed to protect patients treated by making sure knowledge and competencies are up to date.

In order to get a medical assistant certificate, the person must be a graduate from a recognized program of study in the field. They are generally certificate programs which the institution gives to the students after the completion of the programs. There are two ways in which one can follow to renew this certification. The first option is to retake the certification exam or to renew your qualification through continued education and the other is the accumulation of recertification points. Receiving medical assistant certification provide the advantage of some of the best employment opportunities out there. This means you can easily work in a doctor’s office, in a hospital or in an outpatient care center. This certification provides you better knowledge and skills that you require to become professional. There are several medical certification test course papers available today which help you out in preparing the exam and becoming a professional after the desired result. You truly come to know about your duties and responsibilities in achieving this certification.

Value of Medical Assistant Certification

Open Doors – Soon after passing the examination and receiving the certificate, the doors are open for the students. This certification implies applicants is at the top of his or her work area and are capable to better pay attention and promotions of the job. This certification as well validates their skills.

Become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

The candidate needs to give an exam and pass it to become a CMA. An applicant as well needs to pass their certification course from a reputed institution, and universities. Considering if your school is accredited is a valuable step in pursuing a certification.

Become a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

A registered medical assistant is a valuable member of a health care team who is responsible for performing several tasks. After gaining an education in an accredited school program, they are prepared to take the exam offered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). This kind of certification plays a key role in giving recognition to the candidate in the workplace. The employer hires such candidate after seeing their certificate from any reputed university.

Which School is Right for You?

These programs are offered by many schools. Consider an approved school and do your due diligence and background check on the school’s standing if the need be. Obtain as much info as you can about the school and course, including their fees, requirements if any, program duration, topics covered and the practical training that may be included, and only after that fill out your application forms. Please note that practicum, which is unpaid work experience, is a prerequisite for this course. Those with volunteering experience may be considered in a few schools. The required records should be provided and the fee for enrollment might need to be paid beforehand or as per the school’s conditions.

Applying for the Exam

Once you’ve applied and your application is checked, an email with your exam permit and information along with the agenda will be sent to you. You may print your exam permit and set an appointment date for the exam.

Preparing for the Exam

There are several practice tests available on the internet. Many of these tests you will need to pay for but are definitely worth every penny you spend on them. Anyway, the research guide does provide adequate details about your exam topics. You should definitely spend a good amount of time studying and remembering the standards and safety sections.

An official certificate of CMA is provided after you pass the exam. This certificate will add a lot of value to your resume. The employers have the option of confirming this accreditation if they check your CMA status. Also, please note that re-certification is required every 60 months. The medical assistant certification exam will allow you to perform various roles within an organization. If your organization is big, you might find opportunities in higher places for many kinds of clinical applications. Registered medical assistants can perform duties that require the upkeep of documentation, clerical work, maintenance of lab reports, among other duties. Training, education, and experience vary from person to person and therefore their position in the medical profession as well varies.

Knowing the process of CMA can help you move forward with your career. You do not need to worry about finding the best school because there is always the best school for you. All you need to do is to search on the internet according to your interest and preferences. You should also comply with the requirements.


5 Hacks That Will Make Your Student Days Easier

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As if life wasn’t complicated enough as is, when you’re a college student, it becomes even more complicated. Not only do you have to deal with moving away from home into a dorm, adjusting to early morning classes that are more demanding than you thought, but finals and tests have you on the edge as well. If you’re struggling to keep everything together, we’re here to help you out by offering 5 useful hacks that are going to make your student days much easier.

#1 – Don’t skip classes

In high school, you could get away with skipping certain classes because you were able to catch up on all the work at home. The main problem was that the teachers would be looking for you and you’d get in trouble with your parents. At uni, on the other hand, no one is going to make you go to class, which seems like heaven at first. Sadly, the classes are so challenging and the courses so difficult, that you’re going to need all the help you can get and going to classes is the biggest favour you can do for yourself. By not skipping classes, you’re ensuring that you don’t get left behind the rest of your class and your grades will be better too.

#2 – Use supermarket specials

Australia has some of the most highly ranked universities in the world, but that also means they’re among the most expensive ones. Not only does Australian education come at a high price, but the expenses of housing and healthcare are high as well, which means you could use any spare dollar. Planning your grocery shopping is a good idea, especially if you’re on the lookout for special discounts that supermarkets regularly offer. If you see that some of the non-perishable food items such as ramen, rice, pasta, and canned goods are on sale, stock up because you’ll be grateful when you run out of money.


#3 – Arm yourself with notes and papers

You’ll notice how important it is to catch notes during every lecture, but even the most dedicated students aren’t always able to catch perfect notes. This is where the internet steps in to help you – there are websites that allow you to access notes and papers from the past semesters and use them as additional reading material or to fill any holes your notes might have. An amazing Australian website has a collection of Griffith Uni past papers you can use and compare yours to the notes of other students. You might even find clues that will tell you what to focus on, and having more sources to learn from has never been a bad idea.

#4 – Use services and resources

Once you’re enrolled in university, you gain access to a number of things on campus, including different services and resources. A lot of students struggle at some point in their studies, experience financial and emotional difficulties, and have to battle stress and anxiety. If you’re experiencing any difficulties or you find yourself facing problems that seem too much for you, know that there’s always staff around who are willing to answer any of your questions and provide different forms of counsel and support. Don’t hesitate to ask for help because smaller problems can easily be dealt with, and you’ll feel better knowing you can rely on someone.

#5 – Listen to your essays

When you become too invested in something, it’s difficult to proofread it and be objective. Asking friends for help is always a good idea, but the bad thing about the uni is that everyone has exams at pretty much the same time, which means that your friends won’t have too much free time on their hands. Instead, you could try having your essay read aloud to you by Google. Just copy-paste the text into Google Translate and press the ‘read aloud’ button to hear your paper. The unfamiliar voice will help you catch any mistakes, strange phrases and other weird errors you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

You will notice that you lose motivation as the end of the school year and exams get closer – but don’t lose hope. This is the time to show to yourself and everyone else what you’re made of and shine. Even when you’re struggling and fear that you’ll fall apart because of all the stress, just remind yourself that you’ve been strong and resilient enough to make it this far, and these hacks will help you stay on the right track.



Arm Yourself Professionally to be Security Guard

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Serving as a professional armed guard can be a quite challenging job. This profession makes you responsible, disciplined and active human being. To opt for this field as a profession, you need to have professional training as an armed guard uses firearms to protect and earn money out of it. For this, you need expert training at a shooting center, which offers complete information regarding the arms. The purpose of the training is to make you comfortable as a guard with a firearm.

Quality training is mandatory when it comes to the next generation of confident armed security personnel. If you are willing to take up such a profession, you need to know about know the features and facilities of the renowned training centers.

Facilities at the Training Centre

  • Proper ranging area: Different ranges of shooting are available for you at the training centers to enable you to improve and learn better. Ballistic envelopes like booths are made of steel to focus on targets. A qualifying practice can be done with highly equipped systems and facilities to crack the nut. Around twenty-five yard lanes with soundproof walls and ceilings allow you to practice better. Target Worx and target retrieval systems are available to help practice shooting. They are fitted with LED touchpad controls.
  • Classrooms: Classrooms of the Armed Security Training Center are fully functional with innovative technology. Large conference desks in classrooms are designed to give comfort and proper study space for you. Instructors can deliver lectures to students using high tech projectors to explain topics efficiently.
  • Dynamic simulation lab: Simulation labs are great for gaining real-life experience of handling firearms. The top definition labs are designed specially to practice with dedication and determination. Trainers can record the sessions of each of the trainees to generate progress reports of their performance. Dim light and sound feature are included to enhance the practice session. A real-life scenario gives the trainees an incredible shooting experience though they shoot the animated objects.
  • Comprehensive training curriculum: These centers follow a well-designed curriculum to teach practical skills required to be a professional armed security guard. It also makes a security guard active and trains him to respond wisely to threatening situations. Physical and mental preparation to handle the problems is inculcated in these modules. Top trained and highly experienced industry professionals provide training to the trainees. These experts have a professional backdrop of armed forces, military, law enforcement and other similar industries with solid years of experience facing various tricky and creepy situations.

To be a professionally trained security guard, you need to take training sessions at a reputed Armed Security Training Centre with excellent infrastructure and facilities including shooting ranges, classrooms, firearms retail store, and simulation labs. The training course in such training centers are designed to provide real life like experience to the trainees and the instructors should be highly experienced and renowned in their fields. The center should also be providing job opportunities to the trainees.


How Important Is Education For Everyone In This New Era?

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While going to your place of work or returning from there, while going to a party, while walking in the park in beautiful evenings and while jogging with the dawn at hand, you get to see so many new faces and so many people, but how many times do you stumble upon people with special needs? People who are different than most of us and yet the same, but no matter what should get the education that they deserve, that is equal to ours. Very few academies and schools cater to such requirements and there are even fewer special needs academy Cheshire.

Everywhere we listen about how the world is growing, evolving and is in dire need of technology to grow at the pace to sustain the population that we have, but the human resources that we already have aren’t really capable enough to ensure our betterment as a race. We often hear the roaring voices stating how humanity is dead and we need to restore it in order to be alive and sustainable. But with all the theories in place, can we really grow and evolve when some of us are being left behind due to the mistakes that weren’t theirs? Can we really flourish as a species when some of us are left to rot due to some small or big disability that we home?

Be it The Russett Learning Trust, or Nantwich Primary Academy or The Fermain Academy or Adelaide School, the special needs academies in Cheshire can be counted on fingers but unlike most cities and countries over the world who have not paid any attention to the education of normal kids, let alone the different kids, at least Cheshire respects and values the education for all, motto.


When such topics of education for all, and importance of academics come into the limelight, seldom does anyone talk about any disability – be it physical, neurological, or psychological. The schools have no idea of the reaction that they should be giving on receiving a letter about an issue with the kid. Instead of supporting the kid and maybe finding a better school, the authorities prefer to just send the kid out of the school with some or other excuse. But how do we then ensure that education should be imparted to such kids? More importantly, what kind of education are we imparting if the authorities themselves do not understand the dos and don’ts of humanity?

While we are blessed to have schools of this kind in some places across the globe like special needs academies in Cheshire what are we doing about the rest of the world? And how is the level of education being challenged? How are the actual issues being raised and resolved? And if they aren’t, the question remains intact. Is education really important for all? If yes, what kind, and how? If not, why bother imparting it to anyone at all?

Leaving you to ponder on it.

Keep evolving, keep smiling!