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Need for immigration law firms are increasing rapidly with the increasing number of people who wish to migrate from their own country for various purposes like studying, working or to avail green card. By getting attracted towards any country’s culture, working environment, earning range climatic changes people want to live in that country. Likewise US country stands as the most pleasing one to its visitors. To spend some days in US you need to apply for visa. Here we are going to talk about getting o1 visa lecturer in case of working there as a lecturer. Getting lecturer offer in US country is not that much easy task. It requires more knowledge and high scores in your studies for to become a worker in abroad country.O1 and EB 1 visa are applied by people who are having job offer in US. Through some famous immigration lawyer in your country you can approach the consultant in US country to get approval of your visa application.

The US lawyer will ask you “what is the purpose of your visit”. In this case you must properly explain your need to visit there. In case of any job offer you need to submit your offer letter along with your qualifications and any other important documents that are asked by them. For o1 visa lecturer you need to pass the minimum needed criteria points asked by the immigration lawyer. There are 8 points asked by them in case of visa application of o1 type. Among those you need to satisfy minimum 3 to 4 points in order to get approval. Generally o1 visa type has many benefits associated with them. By acquiring this visa type to travel to Us you can enjoy the below benefits,

o1 visa lecturer

·         Working and living is allowed

·         You roam anywhere

·         Your family members are allowed with the help of o3 visa

·         In addition to working, you can study as part time

·         By living under o1 visa you can transfer to other visa types.

·         You can attain permanent resident power

Though the above are mentioned as benefits you can enjoy with o1 visa there are some limitations also. You cannot directly apply for permanent residency. You can work under the sponsorship of the job offer you have before immigrating. O1 visa is issued to the people with more skills under employment category. You can apply to this visa type in case of studying, business, working, athletics and science purpose. Though the benefits you get for all these categories are same; the criteria you need to pass will be different for all above categories. By fulfilling all requirements needed by US government you can migrate without any risk. Get support from famous immigration lawyers to clearly explain about the criteria and rules mentioned in the visa application.

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