PLAY Preschool – Simple Tips to Teach the Alphabet to Your Preschooler

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Your baby has grown up fast, and now it is time for him or her to attend pre-school. This is where you, as a parent, should step in to teach your little toddler the alphabet in a fun and interactive way.  Now, for most young children learning the alphabet can really be an easy task; however, for others, it can be a struggle, and you need lots of patience, time, and practice.

Expert advice from teachers of PLAY Pre-school

PLAY Preschool is a credible, esteemed, and trustworthy educational institution for preschoolers in the USA. The teachers here are known for their excellent teaching approaches when it comes to managing young toddlers in small groups. The experts here say that most parents often find teaching the letters of the alphabet a mammoth task for their kids. Young children have very short attention spans, and this can be challenging if you are a busy mom or dad. There is no point in getting angry with your child and scolding him or her for not picking up the alphabet fast. There are certain techniques you can embrace when it comes to helping your child remember all the letters of the alphabet and making your learning sessions together with an enjoyable affair-

PLAY Preschool

Use sand-writing trays

Kids love toys and so hop down to the market to find a good sand writing tray for your little one. Both of you can use this tray and start to learn and practice the letters of the alphabet together. These educational toys come with letter coins. Here your child chooses any letter coin and practices writing it on the tray. It is an enjoyable experience for both of you and a good break from opening picture books and making your kid learn all the letters by heart.

Motor dot books

There are motor dot books available in the market where your child just needs to connect the dots to get the letter. Most of these books also have a picture of a word that begins with that letter. The learning process here not only helps your child learn the different letters of the alphabet but also practice writing.

Alphabet kits

These kits have cards with a letter on them. They can be used for enjoyably teaching your child the alphabet. There are several different kits available in the market, and you can choose the one that you believe your child will like.

The teachers at PLAY Preschool state that with hands-on educational kits and toys, kids pick up the alphabet faster. In this way, they can enjoy playtime with you and learn the letters quickly. Moreover, both of you can spend some quality time together daily, and this does go the extra mile when it comes to establishing your parent and child bonds. With the help of these educational toys and kits, your child will retain the letters of the alphabet, and the chances of forgetting them while in the classroom with their friends are reduced with success!