More Than Just a Ball Game: 7 Benefits Children Can Get from Basketball

Generally, children’s sports training can offer youngsters a lot of benefits beyond learning how to play those games. In fact, there is a wide range of perks that they can enjoy, depending on the kind of athletic activity they engage in.

As one of the most famous sports in the world, basketball is a favorite choice for many kids. Not only is it widely played around the world, but it is also considered a game that can unite nations.

Played by two teams, basketball requires five active players for each of the opposing sides. Both teams will try to score points by shooting the ball to their opponent’s hoop called a “basket.”

Like any other sport, this game is played under an organized set of rules. It can be played eitherindoors or outdoors, so long as there is enough room for a court that is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide as well as a hoop that is 10 feet high. Of course, the court and hoop’s measurements vary, depending on the players’ size, age, and skill level.

To determine what your child can get from sports coaching, below are seven of the benefits of training to play basketball at a young age:

1.   Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Playing basketball does more than just excite your child – it also helps keep his heart healthy. Because it entails a lot of movement like dribbling, running, and jumping, basketball can keep your child’s heart rate up, making it an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Plus, it can help build endurance, which also aids in maintaining a healthy heart. In turn, this will reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke later in life.

2.   Bolsters Bone and Muscle Strength

The physical demand of playing basketball is also known to help build your child’s bone strength. In fact, any activity that entails weight-bearing can facilitate bone tissue formation, thereby making bones stronger.

In the case of basketball, the force required to jump high enough to make a dunk allows the player to bear his weight using his legs.


Of course, the bones aren’t the only ones benefiting from this activity. Muscles also become more robust, thanks to the pushing and tugging movements done in basketball.

3.   Helps Develop Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills

Among the common actions your child will learn when playing basketball are dribbling, pivoting, throwing, and catching. All of these activities help hone his gross motor skills since he must use the major muscle groups in his body. These basketball moves also offer him a chance to boost his endurance and flexibility.

On top of that, children who play this sport at a young age also have better hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills. Dribbling, catching the ball, and rebounding missed shots help young basketball players practice full-body coordination.

4.   Promotes Psychological Development

Aside from its benefits to his physical well-being, basketball also aids in boosting a child’s psychological development, especially when started at an early age.

For example, the team setup can help your child make friends and experience the feeling of being involved in a peer group. And, like other team sports, basketball also promotes better communication and problem-solving skills.

Plus, his encounters with healthy competition in the game can help prepare him for challenges and failures later in life. With basketball, he will learn how to deal with the situation when things don’t go his way. These coping techniques are useful at home, in school, in his peer relationships, and for his future.

5.   Boosts Self-Esteem

Basketball is also considered a character-building sport since children experience boosted self-esteem when playing the game. These types of activities emphasize the fun factor that goes with playing, making enjoyment the focus of the game rather than scores, wins, or loses.

Plus, a basketball team made up of friends can also serve as a child’s support group when things don’t go well in other aspects of his life. This helps bolster his confidence and encourage him to persevere even in the midst of failure.

6.   Teaches Self-Discipline and Focus

Because basketball has specific rules that need to be followed, your child could learn self-discipline and focus when participating in the sport. With the help of penalties, he would learn that breaking the rules has unpleasant consequences within a safe environment. This will teach him to play fairwhile staying competitive in order to triumph.

7.   Hones Social Skills and Teamwork

Another major benefit your child could get from playing basketball is improved social skills. Since he would be working with a team, he has the chance to learn the concept of teamwork and perform his specific role better. This would also teach him to do his best for the team rather than just for himself.

More Than Just a Ball Game

Basketball is more than just a ball game. For children, it offers a chance for them to learn different life skills to succeed as adults and gain health benefits for a healthier mind and body. To make sure your child gets the advantages listed in this article. Let him play ball.