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Learning a Foreign Language and Professional Growth

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There are many factors that can contribute to professional growth. One such factor that can take a career and propel it to the next level is knowing another language. Being multilingual can impact your career in a plethora of ways, including differentiate you from other candidates, help you gain a higher position within your career, as well as help you to network and expand the parameters of your career. The following will delve into these reasons in further detail, which can serve as a motivation to step out of your comfort zone and learn another language.

            In today’s ultra-competitive job environment, often several qualified people will find themselves competing for the same position. It is important to find an edge for yourself that sets you apart in the eyes of future employers, and knowing another language can be the extra push that you need. It shows the employer that you are an exceptional communicator, are willing to learn new things, as well as display the fact that you have the intellectual capacity for many different situations. This can be an incredible tool in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

            The second way that knowing another language can positively grow your career is by allowing you to more quickly and easily ascend the position ladder within your career. A similar philosophy applies as with giving you a leg up in securing a position; when confronted with two equally qualified employees to receive a promotion, knowing another language can give you the leg up. It is a positive distinction that allows you to move up the ranks more freely because it is an accomplishment that cannot be denied. This facilitates your ability to travel more freely for your career, which would certainly be something your employer considers when offering you a promotion, depending on your career field.

            The third way that knowing a foreign language can help your career grow is by offering you more opportunities to network. In today’s culture of globalization, a great many careers are going oversees to make connections and expand businesses. Knowing a foreign language can help you meet valuable people who can help your career grow. By learning their language, you are able to gain their trust and access them on a level that could not be possible when there is a language barrier. Knowing another language will make you a valuable player not just nationally, but globally.

            Ultimately, one of the best skills you can have to better and grow your career is knowing a foreign language. This will help you in many facets of your career, including helping you establish yourself, allowing you to ascend the ranks, as well as facilitate networking on an international level. Learning another language will not only improve your mind and help you gain perspective, it will certainly help your career growth both now and in the future. In the current era of globalization, it is your responsibility to make yourself accessible and capable; learning a foreign language is the best way to accomplish this.

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Learning a Foreign Language and Professional Growth