Why is MSc in Quantitative Finance better than MSc in Accounting?

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Many undergraduate degree students and applicants contemplating a return to school face the dilemma of picking a choice between an MSc in Accounting or a master’s degree in Finance. This is because both are in-demand skills that are highly rewarding and also have some crossover but open doors to two different worlds on completion of the course. The students who study accounting tend to have a better knowledge of the principles and processes that can be used to manage numbers. On the other hand, finance has a wider range in focus and MSc in Quantitative Finance particularly involves classes on data analysis in addition to conventional finance classes or analysis and strategizing. The article provides a complete description of a master’s course in Quantitative Finance and career potential to help students make a better choice in choosing for their master’s program. Although it depends solely on the interest and choice of the student to make a choice, finance tends to provide a wider range of career opportunities.

What is MSc in Quantitative Finance?

The various courses of different universities for MSc in Quantitative Finance in Singapore expose the students to various mathematical methods that are strategically used to solve issues relating to contemporary financial economics. The program provides the students with an opportunity to practice their skills of trading and investing and analyse the credit-related risks. By the end of the course, students can analyse and manage quant groups and can also evaluate the prices of bonds and equity. This is particularly due to the knowledge of various theoretical, mathematical, and computational skills that they gain during the path of completion of the program. In addition, they learn to extract the actual required information from massive databases and perform rail risk analysis. As the students get equipped with such a wide range of skills, they have more career opportunities to choose from.

Benefits of the Course

The graduates holding a degree of MSc in Quantitative Finance in Singapore have access to professionals in the industry. They have opportunities to apply the skills that they develop. The students get to build their credibility like professionals while still being a part of the educational program. Moreover, the students who wish to pursue the field can further opt for a PhD in finance where they get to learn the theoretical dimension to the discipline. This is so because the course provides the students with a strong technical background and in-depth knowledge of the concepts of mathematics, statistics, and capital markets. Thus, the students of this course cover more topics than those covered by students pursuing a master’s in finance and MSc in Accounting. The course also proves to be beneficial to those who practice or wish to pursue a career as a risk analyst in any asset management industry.

Job Opportunities

The graduates holding a degree of MSc in Quantitative Finance in Singapore can expect to find themselves at influential, lucrative, and high-paying positions such as asset managers and actuaries in a range of different industries according to their choice. There is a lot of demand for this particular skill set in both public as well as private sector undertakings that offer not just higher salaries but also better working conditions. The graduates of this course can look for a career in the finance industry with specialisation in the field of designing and trading financial instruments. They can take up roles as risk managers, financial engineers, derivatives traders, asset managers, fund managers, and consultants in stock brokerages, supervisory financial institutions, and asset management companies.


It is important to keep in mind while making a choice that the salary offered should never be the only consideration while selecting a career option among the two fields.

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Adding More Skills To Students-Online Math Tuition In Singapore

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Singapore is a beautiful country, having beautiful sights and views all around making it the best country for the tourists to explore. But, not only the treat to eyes, it has every best facility it can provide to citizens. A country with the best technologies, medication facilities, and most importantly the education system. They provide perfect education in schools to the students as it should be the main aspect of every country.

Children face problems on different subjects personally. One of the most common subjects in which students find the problem in mathematics. They are not able to learn it properly at school. So they need some extra effort and personalization. There is some best online math tuition in singapore which gives students the best coaching for mathematics.

online math tuition in singapore

Perks of online math tuition in singapore

  • Online tuitions provide students an opportunity to take the best of the classes at their home with all the comfort.
  • Online tuitions do not lack any facility. They provide their recommended apps that students can download even in their mobiles and take classes.
  • They also provide options for saving the lectures online so that the students can watch them again if needed.
  • They conduct doubt sessions to clear the student’s doubt.
  • students can ask their doubt as many times as they want in the session. If some doubts are left, they can contact their tutor personally as well.
  • Tests are also conducted weekly by the tutors to keep an eye on student’s knowledge.

Fee structure of online math tuition in singapore

The charges at online math tuition in singapore are reasonable and affordable to all. No extra charges for extra minutes. There is no registration fee when you register for the online class. They offer a premium which involves the classes for the whole year. If you buy the premium, it may decrease the charges a bit more.

About the tutors of the online math tuition in singapore

Online math tuitions of Singapore comprises of best mathematics tutors with excellent and required qualifications. No facts are hidden about the tutors. They provide a description or all the tutors on the home page of their app so students can cross-check. The syllabus is covered step by step every day with no pressure on the students ensuring completion of the syllabus.


Tips To Help You Choose The Right MBA Program For Your Career

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Want to pursue an MBA but don’t know how to go about choosing the right option for your career? Well, here in this article, we have listed out a few tips that will help you in picking from the best mba programmes singapore. With these tips, you are assured of getting a rewarding career. With MBA being one of the best programs to look into after graduation, you might not know how you could make the right choice. So, here are all the things you should know. Are you curious to know more?

What are the tips to help you pick the right MBA program for your career?

Where is the institute located? You can thank globalization as MBA programs are widely available in most parts of the world. But before you decide which college you want to go to, make sure you check its location and convenience for you. Also, look into the sectors the college is offering and see if that is what you are looking forward to.

Offerings of the program and ranking: remember that every college will have a unique curriculum. You will see that some have specializations while others are offering general programs. Also, some colleges offer global internships for their students at affordable prices. So, what you need to do is take some time and determine what exactly you are looking out for and then see if it is included in the curriculum. But before going ahead with the admissions, you must be aware of the ranking for the program.

MBA Programme In Singapore

Don’t forget to consider the faculty: when you have great faculty, it contributes positively towards building good leaders and managers in the future. So, make sure you check the college website and see the faculty so that you know what your expectations should be. Checking out the profiles of the faculty to get a better understanding of them is one of the major factors you need to consider before your admissions.

Check their placement assistance: you should be able to analyze the placement trends of the institutes shortlisted by you. Thus, while doing your research on the official website, check the placement packages the institute has been offering in the past. The specialized education will not make any difference until the industry hires students from the right module.

Also, you will have a lot of competition after you have completed your course since many students pass out from various institutes. Thus, look ahead and decide where you want to be in five years from now and then decide on the right MBA program for your career!