Four Vital Attributes That Any International School in Bangkok Should Have

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Few things are more universally acknowledged as important and wholesome as the quest to ensure that our children receive a better life than we have enjoyed ourselves. It is an urge which is sure to tug at the parental heartstrings of any parent. No matter who you are or whatever else you may believe, you want what’s best for your children. So, too, do parents of every walk of life around the world.

That shared striving is nothing short of beautiful.

Even so, it’s also nothing short of a call to action for parents around the globe. They know full well that, as the competition for internships into legal and medical professions, slots in art and academic programs, and admission into top universities becomes more and more competitive, so too is the pressure ramped on parents to give their kids a head start.

Your children deserve the best – and that’s precisely what you’ll find at the best international school in Bangkok near the airport.

  1. A Welcoming International Atmosphere

One of the most important features of any school is a welcoming nature toward students from a wide range of different backgrounds. The world is becoming increasingly internationally connected, and nowhere is that sense of internationalism felt more keenly than in global cities like New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing and, yes, Bangkok.

The best international schools in Bangkok thus strive to offer a welcoming environment in which students learn to respect others, cherish diversity, and recognize the benefits of tolerance, acceptance, and seeing past our differences to the core similarities that we all share.

  1. Teaching the Basics in an Original Way

Nothing is more important to the ability of students to get ahead academically than their mastery of the basics. Whatever other strengths we might have, we simply cannot get by if we do not have the benefit of being able to read, write, and do basic arithmetic with a degree of certainty and fluency. That said, teaching these foundational concepts “the old-fashioned way” too often leaves young children bored, disaffected, and simply unable to absorb the material.

Studies have shown that young children learn best by playing and interacting with others. The best international schools in Bangkok thus use games and activities to teach these core concepts in a way that is accessible to children.

  1. Green Learning

The decades to come are set to be critical for our environment. What’s more, we are in the process of undergoing a massive change in how we power our businesses, towns, homes and indeed, our lives. As green energy becomes a bigger part of our economy and eco-friendliness a vital part of our policy and ethos, so too is it vital that the students of the future come to have an appreciation for nature and a green way of life.

  1. Socialization and Empathy

Like green energy, jobs which require good social skills are increasingly in demand. The best international schools thus emphasize communication skills and the importance of empathy, giving children plenty of socialization opportunities.

Give your child a head start at one of Bangkok’s best international schools.


Why Hiring Professional Cheap Writing Services for Academic writing?

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With advancement of internet, most students also depend a lot on online services for accomplishing their tasks. During the academic year, students are expected to complete their written assignments. They have to make submission of courseworks, essay and other written assignments.

In these circumstances, most students who want to score more marks try and seek assistance form professional writing services. When searching the internet, you may come across many professional writing services that are available for cheaper price.

Selecting cheap writing services certainly does not mean that students have to compromise on poor quality contents. These services that offer cheap prices certainly do have loads of assignments that have to be submitted on regular basis.

When selecting writing services, you may need to focus on not compromising in quality for price. When searching online you may have to focus on few aspects.

Select affordable price range

When searching online always ensure that you have selected cheap coursework writing services that offer with quality work. It is all about selecting one that is reasonable in price but best in quality. You may have to spend in some time in research work online. There are tons of companies that offer students discount offers.

Original and quality content

Even if you are opting for cheap writing services still you have to ensure that they are simply not providing with copy and paste services. The content has to be original and motivational. A quality content is important if you are aiming to score high marks for your course work.

Spend some time in going through the samples provided on the websites before you hire any professional.

On time services

Most cheap writing services will always ask customers to compromise on time factor. When searching for such services always ensure that they are specific about following strict time frame for submission. Most quality services that are available online will offer with 24 hour delivery services.

These will also be wiling to offer you with cheap and affordable price for providing original content. Before you hire any services it is obvious that you may have to check with the quality of content they submit to you.

Professional contents

The moment you consider cheap services it does not mean that you will not be provided with professional writers. There are a number of professional writers online who offer with their services on multiple writing sites.

You just need to ensure that you have checked with their profile online before hiring them. Cheap coursework writing services also offer customers with quality writing services online.


Know all about BITSAT including Eligibility & Selection Process

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The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani is India’s one of the highest ranked non-Government institutes. It has been declared as the most deemed private university under Section 3 of the UGC Act of 1956. Admission in all the Integrated First Degree Programmes of BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, and BITS Hyderabad Campus is taken through an online test also known as BITSAT. The BITSAT 2019 is usually held in the midweek of the month of May. It is a university level examination, conducted each year. Candidates who qualify in the examination are offered to take admission in one of the elite institutes – Goa, Hyderabad and Pilani.

BITSAT Eligibility Criteria 2019

BITS Pilani offers B.Pharma, B.E. and M.Sc as the core programmes. Before filling up the application form, the candidate is required to fulfil the BITSAT eligibility criteria. On fulfilling the criteria, the candidate is assured that he/she will not be denied admission under any circumstances.

The BITSAT Eligibility criteria are –

  • The candidate must have passed the 10+2 examination from a recognized institution having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. This criterion is valid for students pursuing B.E., B.Pharma and M.Sc.
  • He/She should have adequate knowledge and proficiency in the English Language.
  • Candidates appearing for 10+2 examination in 2019 are also eligible.
  • A candidate should score an aggregate percentage of a minimum of 75% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Though there is no age limit, candidates who have passed or appearing in the 10+2 are only eligible to sit in the BITSAT examination.

Once the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, the candidate needs to register themselves for the examination. The registration process is carried online where the candidate needs to fill all the necessary details about him/her. Once the registration is completed, a separate date is taken out for those candidates who may have filled wrong information and need to change it. After this, issuing of admit card or hall ticket takes place in which all the necessary details along with the roll number of the candidate.

The exam is an online examination consisting of MCQ questions only. It is divided into three sections Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To qualify in the examination one must achieve good score in all the three sections. After the examination, it is time to wait for the BITSAT Result. The candidate can view the result immediately after the completion of the test. The total score obtained is also displayed on the BITSAT Result page so that it can be viewed anytime by the candidate. Based on the scores obtained, a merit list is prepared and candidates are allotted the rank. Factually, there are two merit lists prepared, one for the B.Tech and M.Sc. programmes and other for B.Pharma. The BITSAT Result contains a list of candidates who have been selected and a separate list is kept for candidates who are in the waiting list. This waitlist is prepared in case any seat is left vacant for some reason then it can be occupied by the waitlist candidates.

After receiving the BITSAT Result, the authorities display the BITSAT Cut-off. A candidate will only get admission after scoring more or equal to the cut-off marks. The cut-off marks usually set a bar for the candidate to get admission. It is the minimum marks required to clear the examination. For candidates who have scored well have more chance to get admission but one may have to be in the waitlist if it is below or near the BITSAT Cut-off. Candidates are called for the counselling after the cut-off is set. The cut-off is different for different sets of categories and based on that the candidate is selected.

The BITSAT Cut-off is made keeping a few things in mind – the level of difficulty of the paper, the total number of appearing candidates, availability of seats and the trend that has been followed in the previous years. Once the BITSAT cut-off is cleared and through counselling and candidate is satisfied with his/her result then the admission process takes place. One must go to the admission centre with all the necessary details such as 10thMark sheet, 10+2 mark sheet, ID proof and photograph to verify you.

Only after the complete procedure including fees payment, a candidate is allowed to start his/her session.


Explain how recruiters can encourage a job seeker to progress in his career

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If you are a recruiter, you will come across a large number of job seekers, who are actively looking for employment opportunities. However, you will not be able to get all of them to fulfill the position you have in your company. You will have to reject most of them. Instead of just rejecting, you can think about encouraging them to progress through their careers. Then you will be able to create a positive impact on their lives as well.

Here are some useful tips, which any recruiter can learn in order to encourage a job seeker to progress through the career.

Create a solid picture of the job requirement

As the first thing, you need to make sure that you are creating a solid picture of the job requirement that you have. The main reason why you reject someone is because you understand that he doesn’t fit into the job requirement. Even though you understand that, the person who comes to the interview will not realize it. As a result, he can easily get discouraged.

To make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen, you should develop a solid picture of the job requirement and explain his lacking areas. Then you can help him understand why he was not selected to the position you have. You will be able to leave a positive impression on his mind with this as well.

Ask him to take actions, instead of complaining

If a person doesn’t have good qualifications, he will not be able to land in a job with ease. In such a situation, he will start complaining. You need to be mindful about this as well. You should tell that there is no point in complaining and he will not be able to get anything out of it. Instead, you can tell him to take actions.

Actions must be taken to make the magic happen. If a person keeps on waiting and complaining, it will never be possible for him to overcome the situation that he is in. You should clearly explain this to the job seeker and encourage him to take action. The actions taken by him can provide an excellent assistance to him with achieving great things in the long run.

Ask him to write a game plan

We spoke to London based recruitment firm – CandCsearch and they mentioned that you can also ask the job seeker to write a game plan. The game plan can provide an excellent assistance to him with finding a job as well. That’s because few rejections can make him feel disappointed and frustrating. In such a situation, he will get everything messed up. To provide your support, you can ask him to come up with a game plan. Then he will be able to stick to the game plan and proceed. This can keep him away from all sorts of distractions that can take place, especially after the rejections.

job seeker

Ask him to be surrounded with motivated people

When you are surrounded by motivated people, you will start feeling it as well. But when you are surrounded by demotivated people, you will find it as a difficult task to get your work done. The same is applicable for a job seeker as well. A rejection from a job interview can demotivate a job seeker. It is completely natural for such a thing to happen. But if he is surrounded by motivated people, he will learn from his mistakes and achieve great things. You need to tell this to the job seeker. Then he will take appropriate measures to surround himself with motivated people and bring in the much-needed changes to his life. He will also find it as an easier task to locate a new job.

Ask him to take care of himself, physically, mentally and emotionally

Looking for a job can be considered as one of the most exhausting experiences that a person will have to go through. Due to the amount of pressure that it brings in to the life of a candidate, he can easily reach his melting point. That’s where you need to act as a responsible job recruiter and ask him to take care of himself physical, mentally and emotionally. Then he will get the energy that is needed to land in the perfect job and progress through his career as well. It is important for a person to remain in his peak condition to manage all the discouraging situation and rejections. All you have to do is to explain this fact to the job seeker.

Replace all negative feedback with positive self-talk

This is one of the most important steps that every recruiter should follow. You should never provide negative feedback to a candidate at any given time. No matter how bad he is, you should refrain from giving negative feedback. Instead, you can think about providing feedback through positive self-talk. This can help you to deliver him with motivation to progress through the career as well. In other words, you will be providing encouragement to the job seeker.

When you give feedback with positive self-talk, you will be communicating with the inner voice of the job seeker. Inner voice is extremely powerful. However, you need to make sure that you are not being too harsh on the inner voice. Then you can save the candidate from reaching a meltdown position. Instead, you will be able to help him accept where he didn’t perform well and figure out how to face the next interview with confidence by correcting all those mistakes. The words that you tell to the job seeker can also help him with progressing through the entire career.

All the job recruiters are strongly encouraged to keep this fact in mind. Then it is possible to provide better feedback to the job seekers and help them with achieving career success.


Do you want two qualifications for the price of one?

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This article explains the viability and need for integrated degree courses after Class 12, and how they further your job prospects.

It’s a competitive world out there, and things are not made easier by the rise of new technologies and few spots in niche, high-paying professions. While the job market demands more skilled and well-rounded individuals across different sectors of business and commerce, there is a corresponding demand for study courses that offer much more than a conventional degree in Arts, Science or Commerce.


Indeed, being just an engineer could not tip the scales in your favour when you go looking for a job, than being an engineer with the added qualification of a business administration degree under your belt.

How can this be possible? Is there a way to add another subject to your stream of study so that your educational degree has greater power and is backed by more knowledge? There is, if you opt for an integrated course after Class 12. The following sections outline how this degree benefits you.

Why opt for an integrated course after Class 12?

The most obvious benefit of taking the integrated course after 12th, is to save time and get much larger exposure with affordable fees. It is more beneficial than a regular graduation programme, since it saves at least one year out of your student life.

  • Integrated degree courses offer benefits both in terms of increasing the depth of your qualifications, and ensuring your professional progress by fast-tracking your career in your chosen field.
  • The biggest benefit that most students opt for after doing their B Tech entrance exam and opting for the integrated degree course, is that it saves at least one year of your studies. Instead of opting for two or three years of master’s specialisation, you only need to spend one additional year studying for the integrated degree course. This means that you can join the workforce much earlier, with qualifications that match those of a comparable master’s degree holder.
  • This benefit of time saving is also accompanied by the benefit of greater depth of knowledge that adds more value to your degree. Suppose you were to supplement your B Tech degree with business administration, you would be a much more valuable candidate for potential employers.
  • Plus, the course does not cost more just because it offers the benefit of integration.
  • As the holder of a degree in integrated courses, you are recognised both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate.
  • These courses help students who are interested in pursuing two streams of study, but who don’t wish to study for them one after another.
  • Students opting for the integrated degree course after 12th need not give multiple admission tests, such as the B Tech entrance exam and several others. The technical university or college provides for one admission test only.


Benefits of Getting an English Tutor for Students

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Many students would argue that English is a more difficult subject to excel in compared to Math or Science. After all, while there is typically only one acceptable solution to a math problem, English can be subjective and prone to confusion.

In this post, we go over the benefits of hiring an English tutor and what to expect. Only then can you determine whether or not such services are a worthwhile investment.

Why hire an English tutor?

For example, students may write a paper that they thought was remarkable only to find that their professors didn’t hold the same opinion. Most students have a tough time organising all of their research into an arranged, cohesive paper. The latter can take up a significant amount of time and students can run out of ideas while writing their essay. Hence its’ not unusual for even for seniors to feel frustrated and lack confidence in their English skills.

Does the situation describe above sound a lot like you? If so, then you might want to consider getting help from an HSC English tutor in Sydney. Such a tutor can help students understand what makes a good English paper and obtain good results.

Here are a few specific circumstances wherein the help of English tutors can prove valuable for students:

  • Students might need a tutor to discuss a book they’ve been reading or a topic in class. Learners can take advantage of their tutor’s ability to help them process and collect their ideas and categorise their notes.
  • As soon as the student knows what he or she desires the paper to be about, they can then use the information they’ve collected to come up with a thesis — the core of any academic writing. Hence the students must have a strong argument to back their paper. An English tutor can help them review the latter and offer concrete suggestions on the matter.
  • An English tutor can direct their students in systematically writing an essay overview or perhaps a summary for a whole research paper. Using the info that he or she has arranged, the student and the English tutor can produce a comprehensive essay summary that will act as a blueprint for the English paper or history paper.
  • English tutors can offer guidance to students as they compose their paper following the essay framework. The English tutor should encourage students to write an overview of the article as rapidly as possible. The student can then go over the material rewording, fixing, and filling out any additional info as needed.
  • English tutors can help students revise their paper, admonishing any grammatical flaws and making sure that the sentences flow naturally. The tutor can likewise review different subjects such as punctuation, run-on sentences, pieces, verb tenses, citing quotations, bibliographies and the like.
  • Last but not least, English tutors can bring attention to grammar errors and ambiguity to drive improvement. When the paper is finished, the English tutor can review the document with the student to ensure that the student has polished everything before the deadline.

As you may have already realised, an English tutor can help students obtain skills and establish a system for writing a substantial paper on any subject. Such knowledge can prove useful beyond school and well into one’s professional life.