10 Must-Watch Martial Art Movies

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You don’t necessarily need to practice all those martial arts moves every day. Sometimes, you take a break, relax and get inspiration from the pros. You’re right!

We are sharing 10 marital arts movies most of which are meant for all ages. They have plenty of things show that you don’t normally see in calm and peaceful environment of Taekwondo Toronto schools. The message of these movies is self-defense, and that’s what Toronto taekwondo schools also teach.

  1. Ip Man

The fight scenes in Ip Man are so devastatingly awesome, you’ll want to start training in Wing Chun as soon as the credits roll.Ip Man is not just a watch-worthy flick because of the great fight scenes, but it’s also an interesting historical look at the world Ip Man lived in and what life was like in 1930’s Southern China. Plus, any dude who trained Bruce Lee must be pretty decent, right?

  1. Hero

The first thing you’ll notice about Hero is the sheer beauty of it. Not just the choreographed fight scenes, but just the overall look. It’s stunning. In fact, it’s the only time we can recall watching a plethora of arrows fly towards someone’s cranium and thinking how beautiful it is.


  1. Enter the Dragon

Not including any Bruce Lee movies on this list would be ridiculous.Is it the greatest story ever told? No. Does it feature Bruce Lee destroying a substantial series of evil-doers? Yes. For that alone, it’s just awesome.

  1. Ong-Bak

Some of the kicks in Ong-Bak will leave you checking your own jaw to see if it got shattered to pieces from some sort of weird osmosis. The film, which mostly showcases Muay Thai, is the standout project from the incredible Tony Jaa, and definitetly worth a watch.

  1. Brotherhood of the Wolf

While Brotherhood of the Wolf isn’t a straight-up martial arts movie, it is a serious piece of entertainment. It’s one of those movies you just put on and enjoy without letting your brain get to wrapped up in what’s going on. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before and it’s damn entertaining.

  1. 13 Assassins

Actually, it’s a treat for movie fans in general, because, unlike some martial arts films, there’s actually some grandiose scope aside from the standard action scenes.

  1. The Man From Nowhere

We put it on this list for two good reasons: 1) It’s unbelievably awesome, and 2) The fight scene with the eyeball in a jar. That’s all we’ll say.

  1. Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle won’t be confused for a Bruce Lee epic, but it’s definitely a must watch. It’s so absurdly ridiculous that you almost miss how awesome the fighting is.

  1. Once Upon a Time in China

The first in a trilogy, Once Upon a Time in China really introduced many to the skills of Jet Li. It also happens to combine incredible fight scenes with a large-scale story that will keep you interested for the 2+ hours.

  1. Kill Bill Vol. 1

It’s one of the few films with a female protagonist and the only film on this list that involves sick moves with a nonstick frying pan.

These movies promise to inspire you. They will encourage you to register yourself or your child in Toronto taekwondo school, in order to maximize security of your family, neighborhood and society.